A Tribute to the Late Sir Simon Marsden

Simon Marsden books owned by Amanda Norman Photography

Simon Marsden books owned by Amanda Norman Photography

I always think about the late Sir Simon Marsden and how wonderful it would have been to have met him in person and I’ll always think of him, as his work truly inspires me.

It’s not just his beautiful and haunting photography that captivates me.  It’s his fascinating collection of literary phrases and poems, such as Edgar Allen Poe who he admired and writings of his own experiences that makes his work stand out, especially when you read his various books.  I’m about half way through owning his full collection and I highly recommend Visions of Poe.

I want all of my fans and visitors to know of him and his fantastic work and I urge you to please visit his website http://www.simonmarsden.co.uk/ for he is the master of dark and haunting photography.

For Christmas 2014, my lovely partner got me Simon’s book, Memento Mori and he also surprised me with the Haunted Realm 2015 calendar.  It’s simply stunning and full of his infrared images.  Click on the calendar below to view it.

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Haunted Realm 2015 Calendar

Haunted Realm 2015 Calendar

Whilst searching on Google to create this post, I found a clip about the Ghosthunter book on Youtube.  Please keep his memory alive and purchase the book through his website.



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