Abandoned Cottage in Ireland

This is the window that lead to the photographs being taken below and asking the question, why are cottages abandoned like this?

Donore WindowBack in June/July (2015), me and Mark visited Ireland for the very first time and I know that it sounds cliche, but I fell in love with the place.

I can’t wait to go back as I’ve never in my whole life, stumbled upon so much fascinating stuff.  I found tons of skulls and bones in a pit in an old graveyard that could be seen when peering through a gate.  This view was not creepy or disturbing, it simply filled my mind with wonderment as to why is this here in front of me?

We only stayed for a total of 7 nights in Donore, County Meath and this isn’t long enough to explore everything Ireland has to offer.  We stayed at the excellent Sheephouse Country Courtyard that gave us the perfect base for exploring County Meath and the best thing about this place was sitting outside at night and watching the bats swoop down for moths.  The reason we chose County Meath was due to having tickets to see ACDC in Dublin.  They were AMAZING!!

Anyway, I digress!

Irish Bones

Skull and Bones

Abandoned Cottage Photographs

Ann who was our wonderful host at the cottages told me of a graveyard that I must visit in Donore, so we decided to head up there at sunset as I wanted some good silhouette shots.

We walked past an abandoned cottage and curiosity got the better of Mark.  That’s the advantage of being tall as it’s easy to peer in when you spot an opportunity such as this damaged window.  Mark called me over telling me that there’s a teddy bear just sat on a chair in there.  I thought that he was joking and as I carefully climbed up onto the window ledge to look inside, I saw it!


Teddy sits alone and abandoned in this Irish cottage


Why has the cottage been abandoned like this?

So many personal belongings left as they would have been when the owner lived there.  What happened to the owner and why did they leave everything?

Now, I know of some photographers who would have ventured inside the cottage for further photo opportunities, but peering through the window and seeing this one room made me feel like I was intruding, but I had to capture the scene as no one back home would have believed me.  Abandoned or not, when there’s personal items in there like this, then it’s still someone’s home, whether they are dead or alive and it should be respected, even if there’s nothing of value in there.  The fact that the window had fallen through was enough to satisfy my conscience that it was OK for me to take these photographs.  FATE!

You can tell that the cottage has been abandoned for a long time as the wallpaper is peeling off the wall and the ceiling has fallen through.  The chair that the teddy bear sits on has collapsed. Check out the picture on the wall.  Is that one of those cursed crying boy images?

Abandoned Crying Boy

A part of the ceiling hangs down, but the picture remains on the wall

What’s even more alarming is the fact that there’s an empty picture frame on the dressing table.  Everything else has been left, but why is the picture frame empty?


Abandoned Dressing Table

Just to clarify, they are not orbs in front of the mirror, they are actually on the mirror itself.

So many questions and no answers, but if you know why places are abandoned like this, then please let me know.

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