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Christian poses for Amanda Norman Photography

Christian poses for Amanda Norman Photography

Excuse the pun, but I ABSOLUTELY love waking up to the Christian O’Connell breakfast show each morning over on Absolute Radio.  Listening to him and Richie Firth just makes me laugh, so much, which is needed when you’re in the same routine travelling to somewhere you don’t want to be.

Tune in here: http://absoluteradio.co.uk/schedule/the-christian-oconnell-breakfast-show-2/

On Friday the 13th, (of all dates would you believe?) I went to watch Christian do stand up in Runcorn and he’s hilarious to watch.  If you get the chance, go and see him!

After the show, he enjoys speaking to the audience on a one to one basis and posing for photographs.  I asked him if I could take his horror portrait and he agreed, then I dropped a clanger with the flash on my camera as I was conscious about being watched and taking up too much of his time, I couldn’t get the camera to work.  It was a stupid mistake with the flash not in position, but Christian was OK with it. He came back to me and posed and below are the results.

Christian O'Connell Horror Poster by Amanda Norman Photography

Christian O’Connell Horror Poster by Amanda Norman Photography

Christian has a look of a zombified Sir Christopher Lee in his pose don’t you think?

Christian O'Connell Horror Portrait by Amanda Norman Photography

Christian O’Connell Horror Portrait by Amanda Norman Photography

It was a pleasure meeting Christian and I can’t wait to watch him again.  For now, I’m going to leave you with the funniest bit of last weeks radio show.  50 Shades of Footballers.  Sometimes it’s not safer to replace rude words with footballers names so that you can read out excerpts of the book live.  I’m so glad Richie did this.  Click here to listen.

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