Demon Portrait

Friday night just gone, I finished late after working on some demon portraits for Kev (@oneoff666) and retired to my pit, when all of a sudden I felt the intense feeling of being watched. It was so severe that my mind started racing even though I kept telling myself to shut up.  I felt cold drafts blow across my face and arm and I was working myself up that much, that I turned the television on and watched ‘BBC at the Proms’ to calm me down. I eventually fell asleep (with the TV on), but I was freaked out.

Kev’s Demon Portrait

Could it be the demon portrait of Kev with his black eyes that scared me?

Old Black Eyes

Demon Portrait by Amanda Norman



Perhaps it’s some entity that has entered into my room via the astral plane to watch me and play tricks with my mind.

Astral Projection

I believe in Astral Projection simply because of my own experiences. I thoroughly believe that our bodies are simply a shell that house our spirit and that this spirit can in some cases live on.

When I has a child I used to love lying face down on my bed and sinking through the mattress and bed springs and lying on the hard and dusty floor. The dust would tickle my nostrils as my mother would never hoover beneath the beds. I don’t know how long I would stay under the bed for, but it was totally relaxing and peaceful, until I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and with a blink of an eye, it felt like I was being sucked up fast to my body above the bed.

I’ve also on the odd occasion sensed and seen spirits out of the corner of my eyes as an adult.

Years ago, my daughter had an imaginary friend called ‘Kenny’ and I would often see a black shadow run so quick, that when I turned my head, it had gone. I just sensed that this was her imaginary friend, ‘Kenny’ who was about 5 yrs old. He’s not around anymore.

Then there was an experience in the local cemetery when again I felt a strong sensation of being watched, but this time it was moving towards me and fast. I turned around and I can only describe what appeared to be a heat shimmer race past. Weird eh?


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  1. Though I am not too familiar with Astral Projection I know of it. It is something that does interest me and it was very intriguing to read your thoughts and experiences with it.

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