BBC North West Tonight Interview

BBC Interview with Amanda Norman

Amanda Norman interviewed by the BBC

Today the sun has shone, which is good considering I spent 4 hours in Weaste Cemetery being filmed by Eleanor Moritz for the BBC North West Tonight programme.

I started the day off being nervous as I hate the idea of seeing myself on photographs let alone being filmed.  As soon as I met Eleanor though my nervousness disappeared and I had lots of fun.  I also met Richard the manager of Weaste Cemetery who was very friendly and a fountain of knowledge.  I would be in my element if I worked in a cemetery as I love to learn about graveyard symbols and the history of them.  I found out today that if the tip of an obelisk was at an angle, it meant that the last of a family line had been buried there.

You learn something new every day!

The best thing about today though is that my friend Dave also got filmed as they wanted to know his opinion and thoughts about my photography and he did very well.

The interview together with some of my photography should be on the TV, this Thursday (29th April).  Keep checking back in case the date changes.


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