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“(Hollywood, CA): Bill Oberst Jr. is passionate about horror and it shows in the actor’s new Official Website.

This LA actor is known for roles in a slew of indie horror flicks as well as appearances on MTV’s “Death Valley,” HBO’s “True Blood” and the occasional high-profile dramatic lead in TV-movies like The Hallmark Channel’s “The Shunning” and The History Channel’s “Sherman’s March.” Oberst says he wanted a site that celebrated the kind of horror he loved as a kid. “Horror should be fun. And cathartic. And scary. And disturbing.” says Oberst “I wanted a site that was all of those things.” To create it, he turned to horror site specialists Rough Ride Creations. Rough Ride CEO Briana Malmstrom was so pleased with the results that she wrote an online case study about the site’s development process.

At the heart of the new is a section called The Anatomy Of Fear, which celebrates the genre of body horror that Oberst has become associated with. “Bill fits squarely into the long cinematic tradition of the human body as an object of fear,” Malmstrom says, “so we created The Anatomy Of Fear, a mini-site with imagery and pop-up text on how Bill draws inspiration from the horror greats to use his face and body in disturbing ways on screen. The visitor travels through a weird old house environment and sees all of this as pictures hanging on the fading wallpaper surrounded by freakish objects. At the end of the journey there’s a creepy TV set playing a clip video from Bill’s horror work which we created especially for the mini-site.”

The actor says he hopes is “the kind of site that Karloff or Lugosi or Vincent Price might have had if they had lived in our era, something creepy and fun. Horror continues to be good to me, and I hope horror hounds like me will drop in and let me know what they think,” he says. “Oh and be sure to roll your mouse over my face in the header. That’s my favorite part!

What do I think?

Rough Ride Creations have done an amazing job with Bill’s official website and I love how interactive it is.  You can easily find your way around and it’s just great fun.  The Anatomy of Fear is brilliant and the imagery is perfect!

As you more than likely know, I love Bill’s horror acting and I firmly believe that he will become the next horror icon.  I’ve even named a skull rosary after him and you can see more about that by clicking the image and watching the interview with More Horror below.



Bill Oberst Jr Interview with More Horror



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