Birchwood Girl Critique

Tor Hansen of Bloody Good Horror is writing a post featuring my photography and he requested the image of Birchwood Girl.


When asked why he chose this particular image, he responded with…

I like a lot of your images, but this one is right in my wheelhouse. As a creative artist I find myself gravitating toward bold choices that leave out expected information. A portrait (even if it is actually a statue) is expected to feature the detail of the person or central object. That you chose to totally backlight this suggests a void in human form. The sky behind furthers an idea of a life slipping into blackness. That life looking for all the world like a little girl in a ballerina outfit creates a deeper feeling of unarticulated tragedy or evil circumstances. It’s eerie and affecting, I really like it.

His feedback has really touched me and I couldn’t wait to share it with you and I can’t wait to see his finished article over at Bloody Good Horror.

Thanks Tor x

Birchwood Girl

Birchwood Girl

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