Brewhouse in Warrington

The first Saturday in each month, you can come along and see me at The Brewhouse, Alternative Fair in Warrington.  I will be selling a range of prints, most of which will be framed and signed and it’s your opportunity to grab yourself a bargain. For further information, please read on.  In addition, the landlady, Joanne requested a Bride of Frankenstein alternative portrait and you can also read about the photo shoot below.

Brewhouse Alternative Fair in Warrington

Brewhouse Alternative Fair Warrington

If you are different from the norm and you love Gothic horror, crystals or anything alternative, come along to the Brewhouse Alternative Fair in Warrington and find a range of merchandise that appeals to you!

Each month, I will have a stall selling handmade Gothic jewellery and a range of framed prints that are signed and available for purchase there and then.  If you are wanting a particular image of mine, it is always best to contact me first to ensure that I will have it on the day.  You will be purchasing a bargain as you would be saving a lot on postage, but even more so, a lot of the framed prints are one offs that have been designed for that particular frame.

I’m also available to discuss your alternative portrait should you dare to see what your soul says about you and like many others, should you be looking for a piece of art to take pride of place on your wall, you can discuss your ideas and I will be able to see what I can do.  For further information about the event or the Brewhouse, which regularly hosts live bands, please click here or on the image above.

Bride of Frankenstein Alternative Portrait

Joanne’s alternative portrait appears on the new poster advertising the Brewhouse Alternative Fair.  It was a fantastic photo shoot and one that appealed to me due to our shared love of old classic horror.  Joanne requested that Kerry Sheree who is a qualified make up artist, transforms her into the Bride of Frankenstein and my challenge was to feature her New Rock boots within her portrait.  I think I did very well and Kerry Sheree did an amazing job.  We all used the image below for inspiration.

Bride of Frankenstein

It was Joanne’s very first photo shoot and I can safely say that she was very happy with the images taken on the day.  At the end of the shoot itself, which took less than an hour (excluding make up application, approximately 2 hours in all), Joanne was enjoying it that much that we took some photographs of her posing without the wig and her blue hair really complimented Kerry Sheree’s make up.

Joanne Brewhouse Pownall

Alternative Portrait Service

Feel free to check out the various portrait galleries for examples of my work.  All images with Kerry Sheree’s logo on them are photo shoots where I have teamed up with my talented daughter, Kerry Sheree to offer make-up services.  If you would like your very own alternative portrait, please visit the alternative portrait service page for more information or click here.

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