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The above cartoon character of myself as a vampire has been created by the very talented Russ Ellingham of the Cartoon Company.  Click here to visit their website.   I love my curvy voluptuous figure in that tight red dress and check out my headstone with the logo.  Totally wicked!

Amanda Norman Cartoon Company Vampire

Amanda Norman Cartoon Company Vampire

To find out more about Russ and the Cartoon Company, I asked Russ some questions and if you’re thinking of having a cartoon character created, then Russ is your man.  A big thank you to Russ for the cartoon and the interview and I wish the Cartoon Company lots of success going forward.

Q:  How long have you been creating cartoons?

I have been drawing cartoons ever since I could hold a pencil, drawing in general has always been part of me, I find it to be therapeutic and almost meditative.

Q:  What’s your favourite cartoon that you’ve created to date and what inspired it?

Through all the years of doodling I have created many characters for myself and others, one that is dear to my heart is a monthly comic I drew for a skate magazine in the early days called “Slab City”.  My second great love at the time was aggressive skating, so creating a comic around it was enjoyable and easy to do, this was also the first time I saw my work published, and what made me realise that people liked what I did.

Q:  What type of work do you do for your customers and can anyone approach you for a character drawing like mine?

I would like to think that as the Cartoon Company I am able to produce almost anything a customer requires.  I am diverse and extremely imaginative and also have a creative partner David Hitchcock that is also available, if my style does not suit a customers needs.

We will do work for absolutely anybody, and in the past I have.

For example I know nothing about fishing or fishing bait, but had to create a logo and packaging for a small bait company called P.A MegaBaits and design a logo for another fishing related company called PUKKA CARPIN RAGS.

Q:  What type of horror do you enjoy?

I have always loved a little bit of horror, I think comics, cartoons and horror go hand in hand, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good scare.  I am a big fan of British horror, I don’t think anyone else can scare like we can.

Hammer Horror films used to scare the life out of me when I was a kid, so I am glad to see that they are back for a whole new generation of horror fans. I also enjoy a good Werewolf movie, the classic American Werewolf in London and the fantastic dog soldiers to name a couple.

If I had to pick the kind of horror that really gets under my skin it would be something like the Wicker Man, or 28 Weeks Later, the closer to reality the better.

Q:  How much did you enjoy creating my character?

I had a blast creating your character, it’s not like drawing a portrait because I am not going for an exact likeness  and also not like a caricature.  I try to grasp the personality and feeling of the person and this is what I tried to do with yours.  It’s always fun drawing someone who is interesting like yourself, but saying that, if you dig deep enough everyone has something interesting about themselves that can be used in a picture.

Q:  Finally, this is your opportunity to sell yourself.  Please tell us about your website, Twitter, Facebook etc..

The Cartoon Company aims to be the ultimate place a company or individual can come to for all their artistic needs whatever they may be, we want to provide unique and imaginative images and ideas.

In the past we have found that customers often don’t even know what they want in terms of a piece, the actual ideas are often the hardest part of the creative process and we just so happen to have a constant stream of unique and imaginative ways to convey a message.

Plans for the future are to do a series of basic” how to draw cartoons”  tutorials on you tube and workshops for youngsters.

Anyone who wishes to know more can contact me via email using cartoon at or follow us on twitter @cartooncompany or my creative partner @DavidJHitchcock


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