Catch Up with Drew Daywalt

First of all, congratulations on Bedfellows winning first prize in the Halloween Horror Nights-Chiller Scary Good Film Competition’.  I’m so pleased that you won as it is well deserved.   Did you throw a party to celebrate or are you going to wait until the opening night of the Universal Halloween Horror Nights?

It’s funny. Part of the prize is an all expense paid trip to Universal City California, which is just down the street from my house. But Universal is giving my wife Marichelle and I the hotel that they would have given anyone who came in from out of town. We haven’t had a date in a while because of our newborn, so we’re treating the Eyegores and the ceremony as an excuse to have a date and a night on the town without the kids!

It’s amazing to think that your childhood bogeyman ‘Mr Smiley’ has come to life and is such a success.  Will we see ‘Mr Smiley’ again?

Mr. Smiley was terrifying to me as a child, and by recreating him, I think I’ve exorcised him. Now when I see pix of him online, or see a crowd witnessing his creepiness on screen for the first time, he actually brings me joy. Life’s funny that way. And a feature? I’d love to, but I’d have to find the story, as well as the human protagonist that would carry it.

Can you tell us about your up and coming horror web series, Camera Obscura?

Camera Obscura is the story of Clara Carson, a woman raised by her grandfather, who, upon his death, has to clean out his house. What she quickly discovers is that he wasn’t just a crime scene photographer. He was also a demon catcher, who hunted and imprisoned demons with his antique camera. And when she accidentally destroys the scrapbook which is their prison, they escape and run riot all over the city. So Clara is forced to take up her grandfather’s supernatural mantle and hunt the demons before they come looking for her and her inherited camera. We’re just about done editing the series and it will launch online in about two weeks!

Camera Obscura Trailer from MWG Entertainment on Vimeo.

Camera Obscura: Drew Daywalt set tour from Bender / Helper Impact on Vimeo.

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