Cavendish Memorial Tomb

William Cavendish 1st Earl of Devonshire

William Cavendish 1st Earl of Devonshire depicted in a shroud

On my recent break in the wonderful Peak District specifically searching for old Memento Mori headstones, me and Mark visited St Peter’s Church, Edensor and found one of the most striking memorial tombs that I’ve ever seen.  The photographs below are key elements of the memorial tomb that I found fascinating, but overall, it is worth seeing as you will find it spectacular.  The effigies are flanked by Gods.

Memento Mori – Remember that YOU will die

Click here to find out more about ‘Memento Mori’ photography.

Cavendish Memorial Tomb Skeleton

Bess of Hardwick was responsible for the creation of this magnificent memorial tomb dedicated to her two sons Henry and William Cavendish.  

Henry Cavendish Skeleton Soldiers Mat

A skeleton lying on a straw mat represents Henry Cavendish

Henry Cavendish who died in 1616 is depicted as a skeleton lying on a soldiers straw mat.  Alongside him lies his brother, the 1st Earl of Devonshire shown in a shroud with his face revealed.  

On the side of the tomb, you will find the Goddess of Wisdom bearing the head of Medusa.  I couldn’t get close enough to take a face on photograph and this alone was my favourite feature of the tomb.

Cavendish Medusa Head

The Goddess of Wisdom holds Medusa’s head on the Cavendish memorial tomb

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