Child Ghost Portraits

Meet Holly May, Amanda Norman‘s 5 year old grandchild.

These child portraits were not planned, but I think you will agree that Holly May is a natural child model for posing in front of the lens?

Holly Ghost

Child Ghost Portrait by Amanda Norman

It all came about when Amanda was setting up her backdrop ready for another shoot with Kerry Sheree her daughter who was performing her make-up wizardry on Paul Millar to turn him into the Mad Hatter.  To see those images, click here.

Mad Hatter in the USA

Mad Hatter Portrait

Holly couldn’t resist playing with Paul’s hat and clothes and begging her grandma to take these shots.

I’ve never really considered taking child horror portraits before, but Holly has changed my mind.  I love these shots, especially the first one that reminds me of those old portraits of crying children that were cursed and would burn down the house that displayed one.

Holly Pointing

Child Alternative Portrait by Amanda Norman

Child Portrait by Amanda Norman

Holly Norman

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