Christopher Lee Desire

Amanda, we are granting you permission to take a horror portrait of your most favourite person, but you only have one choice. Who will you choose?’

If someone approached me with the above question, I would have no hesitation in choosing Christopher Lee.

It would be an absolute dream come true to meet him and take his portrait.

Best Dracula

Christopher Lee Desire

Christopher Lee Desire

Christopher Lee is without doubt my favourite Dracula actor. His interpretation of Dracula was dark, mysterious and erotic. He sent shivers down my spine every time he seduced the buxom Hammer scream queens with their see through flimsy gowns and he and Hammer Horror are responsible for my love of vampires today.

In most Hammer films, Lee hardly spoke. His stare with those bloodshot eyes, his tall masculine physique in that long black cape was enough to scare most impressionable teenagers like myself, yet, I couldn’t help fantasising about waking up to Dracula being stood at the bottom of my bed and silently overpowering my will.

I wonder how many men fantasised about being Dracula based on Lee’s performance?

It would be my honour to take his portrait and immortalise him in my ‘Dark Portrait’ gallery.


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  1. See, I see Dracula the way I see The Joker in the Batman comics. I can’t choose between Lee and Lugosi because both are equally as great. They are both different interpretations and both had their place in horror history.

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