Classic Horror Portrait with Kerry Sheree

I’m currently re-watching the old Universal classics, but if you’re a fan of my work, you will know how much these films inspire my work.

Below is my first attempt at recreating the Universal Horror look of Lon Chaney, loosely based on the Phantom of the Opera and his character Burke from London After Midnight.

Mark Classic Horror Portrait

There’s only one other time whereby I’ve photographed a client who wore make-up specifically for a shoot and normally I pride myself on creating the horror look without it.  This particular project has made me re-think as I really enjoyed it and I love these two images of Mark presented here.

Mark Classic Horror Portrait Shot

Kerry Sheree Make-Up Artist

Kerry Sheree Make-Up Artist Warrington

Kerry Sheree Make-Up Artist Warrington

There is also another reason why I’ve gone down this route.

My daughter Kerry Sheree was last year at that stage in her young life whereby she didn’t know what to do in regards to work and career.  She’s always taken after me with a flair for creativity, but she’s normally concentrated on her singing and song writing. Last year, she started showing an interest in make-up so I suggested that she gets herself booked onto a beauty and make-up course and if she likes it, she can do some make-up for my clients.  She started her course in September 2014 and absolutely loves it!

Her enthusiasm has inspired me to set her the challenge of creating the Universal Horror look and above is the result of her first attempt.

She’s done an excellent job and it was achieved in less than 60 minutes with Mark having a nice facial beforehand.

My words of wisdom to Kerry since, have been to study the images above and look at the areas she feels that she can improve on.  As artists, we all over examine our work and find areas for improvement.  It’s how we advance our skills.

Please visit Kerry Sheree’s website at as she’s looking for other photographers and models to help her on her journey to becoming a professional make-up artist.

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