Dark Angel Series of Cemetery Photographs

I thought it was about time I introduced my Dark Angel series of cemetery photographs.  Some of these photographs are new, with others being re-edited in 2015.

All of these prints are available to purchase.  Click here for more information.

I hope you enjoy these prints along with my thoughts and your constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Cemetery Dark Angel

Photograph of a dark cemetery angel by Amanda Norman Photography

Photograph of a dark cemetery angel by Amanda Norman Photography

For almost a hundred years, this lonely cemetery angel has stood above the grave of someone once loved and cherished enough for a tribute memorial like this.  It will no doubt remain standing for another century unless heartless thugs bring her down or the council decide to remove it due to health and safety reasons. The problem with Victorian cemeteries is the upkeep cost.  Long after the surviving relatives have passed on, someone has to pay for the maintenance of these beautiful graves that become weathered with age.

In this particular image, the dark brooding sky makes me think that something is coming, but the blackness of the silhouette hides what?

Dark Angel and Steeple

Graveyard Photography by Amanda Norman

Lovely cemetery angel silhouetted against a great sky

I remember walking past this angel and instantly thinking about Hammer Horror.  I adore the old Hammer Horror films and their graveyard and Gothic scenes.  The background sky in this image doesn’t feel imposing unlike the Dark Cemetery Angel image above.

Waiting Angel

Waiting Angel by Amanda Norman Photography

Waiting Angel by Amanda Norman Photography

Pointing to the brooding sky and waiting…..


  1. I love that you seem to be totally addicted to photographing statues in cemeteries as much as me! I just wanted to say hi and you can check out my website and let me know what you think too. My cemetary work is under the other tab. I love your work, its dark and yet beautiful. Which is why I love photographing in cemetaries, there really is so much beauty!!

  2. Hi Kris

    Thanks for taking the time out to view my work and commenting on it.
    It makes it so worthwhile when I hear that it’s not just me who sees the beauty in cemeteries and graveyards.
    Nice work by the way!

    Kind Regards

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