Dark Angel Series of Cemetery Photographs

Dark Angels is a series of images that capture my fear of the unknown, which I will go into more detail shortly.  Firstly, lets explore the purpose of a cemetery angel.  The statue of a cemetery angel has been specifically chosen to stand over the deceased for an eternity, but for what purpose and who in particular chose the statue?  

Cemetery angels posed in particular ways have different meanings.

Cemetery Angels and their Meanings

  • A cemetery angel that points towards Heaven with outstretched wings could represent escorting the soul to Heaven
  • A cemetery angel that points down could represent sudden departure of an untimely death
  • A weeping angel signifies grief over an untimely death

Dark Angels Fear of the Unknown

From an early age, I often question the existence of many things that I’m told about, but never see and I hate the hypocrisy of some who challenge people like me for having an open mind.  There still remains a deep rooted fear that I may spend an eternity burning in Hell for questioning the existence of God, Angels and the truth of the bible.  You only have to look at the wall paintings of old medieval churches or the stone engravings on beautiful old crosses to see how terrifying this thought can be.  In regards to Angels, they are God’s messengers and they can fall from grace and turn evil, can they not?

Waiting Angel

Waiting Angel

The Prophecy

The Prophecy starring the amazing Christopher Walken is one of my favourite films that partly inspires these images and thoughts.  

The angel Gabriel comes to Earth to collect a soul which will end the stalemated war in Heaven, and only a former priest and a little girl can stop him. – IMDB

Was it in the film, ‘Interview with the Vampire’ that we saw the eyes of a statue follow a character whilst they walked among the headstones?

Another great film that remains in my sub-conscience as I too silently walk the lonely paths looking for these magnificent stone creatures, hoping for that great shot that will portray my emotions for all to see.  

Black is the unknown and the unknown can create fear.  You cannot see what hides in the dark shadows and you cannot glimpse anything that may settle your fears.  You remain on edge, wondering if you’re being watched, wondering if you’re in danger.  If you’re like me and I’ve always done this, you turn your back on the scary situation and walk slowly away, rigid, hoping that you’re being totally stupid.  

In my old house where I grew up in Heysham, the stairs used to terrify me as I always thought I was being watched from the landing when I walked down them.  I must have been about 5 or 6 yrs old and I clearly remember walking very slowly till I got to a certain point and then running down them as fast as I could to ensure my safety.  

In these photographs of cemetery angels, all I give you is the sky and it would please me very much if you share your thoughts about these images below and see how they make you feel.

Cemetery Dark Angel 2015

Dark Cemetery Angel by Amanda Norman Photography

For almost a hundred years, this lonely cemetery angel has stood above the grave of someone once loved and cherished enough for a tribute memorial like this.  It will no doubt remain standing for another century unless heartless thugs bring her down or the council decide to remove it due to health and safety reasons. In this particular photograph, the dark brooding sky makes me think that something is coming, but the blackness of the silhouette hides what?

Dark Angel Steeple

Cemetery Angel and Steeple Silhouette

I remember walking past the angel above and instantly thinking about Hammer Horror.  I adore the old Hammer Horror films and their graveyard and Gothic scenes.  The background sky in this image doesn’t feel imposing unlike the Dark Cemetery Angel image above.

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched in a cemetery, walking past the numerous statues, wondering if they are watching you?  Is the angel below pointing to Heaven to remind YOU to believe or suffer the consequences?

Cemetery Angel Silhouette Pointing Up

Cemetery Angel Silhouette Pointing Up

The cemetery angel below is interesting due to the head bowed in what I feel is sorrow.  The hand although raised isn’t pointing, so what does this angel represent? 

Cemetery Angel Silhouette Sorrow

Cemetery Angel Silhouette Sorrow

All of these prints are available to purchase and if required, can be framed in my collection of vintage and antique frames that I collect to make it very unique.  Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing any print and I thank you for supporting my photography. 

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