Dark Guardian

I’m not mad or crazy, but what I’m about to tell you is true.

One dark evening many years ago, I had the strong urge to peep out of the curtains into my garden. I don’t know why I had to look, but I did and what I saw terrified me.

A tall black figure was standing there silently on the other side of my back fence behind the shrubbery.

I watched the extremely tall figure for a minute or so. He was just stood there side on to me, looking forward. At first I thought it was a madman, checking out someone before he made his move, until his head turned very slowly to look directly at me. I s**t myself!

I got a large kitchen knife and sneaked out of my front door and ran to my friend’s house.

Some months later, I can’t exactly remember when, my daughter had her friend sleep over. They became hysterical due a man outside their bedroom window. My garden is fenced off and although that wouldn’t stop an intruder, it would make it difficult. When describing the man, my daughter sent chills down my spine, because all she could comment on was his long black curly hair. The figure I had seen had long curly hair.

On another occasion, my niece came running out of my bathroom insisting that she had seen a man outside the bathroom window. She could only see a shape, but it terrified her.  I’m not saying that this is the same man that has been spotted on each occasion and there is probably a rational explanation.

I’ve always had the feeling of being watched in my bedroom by something lurking in the corner of the room.  My friend suggested that it could be someone who has astral projected. Could be I suppose?

Years later, I went to see a medium that had a good reputation. She told me that I had a powerful dark guardian watching over me and that I will be forever protected. Was this dark guardian the presence that hid in the shadows of my bedroom?

I guess I will never know and yes I have been accused of having an over active imagination, but I am one of the biggest skeptics around and I can’t find a plausible explanation for what I have seen and experienced all those years ago.

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