Dark Landscapes

Dark landscapes is a series of photographs taken that provide an element of the unknown due to the silhouetted shapes.  

What does the darkness hide when viewing these dark landscapes and do some of these images create a sense of fear or wonderment due to the elment of light?

Allow Amanda to take you on a journey as seen through her eyes and feel free to comment below with your thoughts.  If you enjoy these dark landscapes, you may also want to view her series titled ‘Dark Angels‘ and don’t forget, images are for sale. Please contact Amanda for further information.

Dark Landscapes

The first image taken features a tree that has stood for centuries in the shadow of Pendle Hill, a well known haunt of the Lancashire witches.  The stormy looking sky and element of fog adds to the eeriness of this dark landscape and a fear of something that seems to be drifting closer.

Pendle Witch Tree

Pendle Hill Witch Tree

I have always been fascinated with the memory of my Grandad telling me that I was a descendant of Old Chattox (Anne Whittle) hung for witchcraft in Lancaster on 20 August 1612.  I don’t know how true this is, but I tried to do my family tree once and I gave up due to a lack of personal information from old mother dear – Amanda Norman

The lighthouse image below was taken as the sun was setting at New Brighton and it makes Amanda wonder where the dark path leads to.  This image has a calming effect for her, which is probably due to the lack of clouds and the stillness of the scene before her.

New Brighton Lighthouse Sunset Amanda Norman

New Brighton lighthouse at sunset

Below is Amanda’s very first night time photograph taken back in 2004 when she began graveyard photography.  The quality of the image isn’t great due to the blown out areas of the leaves where the light shone, but there is something about the composition that has made Amanda keep it. It has to be mentioned that Amanda has no feelings of comfort or fear from this particular image and she believes that this is due to nothing being hidden.  You can clearly see the outline of the two headstones with not a lot of redundant black space for anything to hide.

Headstone at Night

Headstone at Night

These headstones in a Cheshire graveyard are sheltered by numerous trees where the bluebells grow allowing light to filter through.  Amanda doesn’t find this image to be frightening, due to areas being lit up.  There is comfort in the light that makes one feel safe and protected.  

Cheshire Graveyard

Cheshire Graveyard

Another Place

This striking image of one of Antony Gormley‘s iron cast men, looking out to sea is striking in high contrast black and white.  This image was taken at sunset, which enables the dark shadows to be stretched behind the life size statue that stands for an eternity looking at the changing tides and sky. The only company at this time of the evening seems to be the birds as he waits…

Another Place Amanda Norman

Another Place by Amanda Norman

How does the image of a single Celtic cross towering above you in a dark graveyard make you feel?

Some may find this image slightly unsettling as you can see black shapes, but their contents remain hidden.  There is no comfort from any light source either, which signifies that something is coming.  In this case, it’s the night sky that is rolling in, but it could also be a storm.

Orme Celtic Cross

Orme Celtic Cross

St James Cemetery, Liverpool

The Wait and Amanda’s Ghost were taken on a foggy evening in St James Cemetery, Liverpool.  

Does the coloured light settle your unease in this image, or does the solitary figure make you wonder what is he doing or what is he looking at and why is he stood there on his own?

The Wait

The Wait

If you add an element of movement to a night time scene and keep the dark shadows and dim the light, does this now begin to creep you out?

This final image shows Amanda running in front of the camera whilst the lens remains open for a ghostly effect.

Amanda’s mission now is to create a new set of images that will invoke fear of the unknown, but in order to do this, please help her out by providing your thoughts below.

Amanda's Ghost

Amanda’s Ghost

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