Fan Spot Cemetery Blood Tree

Today’s Fan Spot image titled Cemetery Blood Tree, has been chosen by two people who entered a competition to win a signed print.

Both Carl and Paul have provided great feedback and I’m so pleased that my love of Hammer Horror shows as the inspiration for the image below.  

Cemetery Blood Tree by Amanda Norman Photography

Cemetery Blood Tree by Amanda Norman Photography

Carl Watson writes: –
As a life long horror fan I feel that this photo captures the other worldly feel of the 60’s and 70’s Hammer horror films and the work of Rodger Corman of that same period in a way that allows me to revisit the thrill I felt in viewing them originally. When a photo can evoke the same fear and dread that was captured in those amazing movies it is a special thing indeed. All that is needed to complete the experience would be a classic scream queen shriek from Veronica Carlson, Ingrid Pitt or Barbara Shelley. Amanda obviously knows how horror should feel and can translate that flawlessly into image, but it this image she nails the feel of those early horror films so well that it is frightening in its own right.


Paul Nease writes: –
This was the photo you let me use for the album cover of my Grief release. Grief is a very personal album for me, and it’s matched with an equally powerful photograph. I love the composition, the slightly sideways cross in the foreground and the tree in the center. The bush halfway up almost looks like a fist holding it in the earth. The red negative color also matches the mood perfectly.

Plus, I also love that was inspired by Hammer Horror.They had such a great atmosphere that hasn’t really replicated in movies since. Thanks for letting me use this piece for my album. I am sincerely grateful.

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