FAN SPOT: Galaxy Sailor

Today’s fan spot goes to the talented Martin Vavra who is a producer, director and owner of Galaxy Sailor Productions.

If you would like the chance to appear on Fan Spot and receive a digital copy of your favourite photograph from my gallery, all you have to do is tell me which photograph you like and why.  Contact me here.

As Night Rolls In

Waiting Angel


I love the idea of being watched over by something protective. By no means do I believe in a Christian god, but I do believe there is a place where all existence comes together. A place where all our souls meet and are protected. Not just humans, but everything that exists has will meet in this place. It is someplace where we don’t fear the real evils that we have created as humans. Even when night rolls over us, we know we are safe and protected. It’s not the night we fear, but ourselves in the night. The angel is one of us, taking her turn of watching as we rest. When it is my turn, I will join her, let her step aside, and give someone else their ease in knowing they are protected.

I really enjoyed Martin’s interpretation of my photograph above.  I don’t believe in a Christian God either, but I do believe that we are spiritual beings, placed on Earth to learn from our experiences in the past and to better ourselves going forward to the next stage of life.

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