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If you would like the chance to appear on Fan Spot and receive a digital copy of your favourite photograph from my gallery, all you have to do is tell me which photograph you like and why.  Contact me here.

Today’s fan spot features the mad and wonderful Steve who I met on Twitter.  He’s a lover of gore, horror and boobies and occasionally updates his website.  I do recommend that you follow @HorrorExtreme on Twitter as he will provide you with lots of entertainment.

The Tunnel

Cemetery Tunnel

The entrance tunnel to St James Cemetery in Liverpool


It was tough to choose a favourite photo but I settled on “The Tunnel”

Here’s my thoughts:

I really liked a lot in the Graveyard section but I think the picture that had the most impact during my perusal was “The Tunnel”. I immediately got a sense of claustrophobia from the thumbnail but on closer inspection I saw the “light at the end of the tunnel” and the room seemed to get bigger, then the gravestones became relevant and my whole perspective of the picture changed and took on a much creepier atmosphere.

There is a lot of information captured in that picture, it’s like a story for crazy people and all 13 of my personalities agree. The perspective perfectly drew me into the scenario and created a chemical imbalance within my snapses inducing a claustrophobic anxiety attack, then a semblance of hope and finally an eerie sense of curiosity. If a picture can paint 1000 words then a photo can mess with mental people!

The Tunnel was photographed at St James Cemetery in Liverpool, UK.

I think its sad that a decision was made to uproot the majority of headstones and place them around the walkways of the cemetery. In the past, this cemetery has seen lots of vandalism and neglect and at one point the suggestion of filling it in was made.


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