FAN SPOT: LipsTattoo

Today’s Fan Spot features the lovely LipsTattoo who is a dark artist in her own right.

She paints, draws and sews the most kooky and spooky adornments her twisted little mind can come up with.  Visit Lipstattoo Designs to view her work.

LipsTattoo’s Favourite Photograph

“I found it quite hard to choose a single favourite photograph of Amanda’s beautiful work. At first I was instantly grabbed by the Strawberry massacre, just because I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the harsh man-made steel grater and the soft bleeding flesh of the strawberries, But my actual official choice is Vamp DeeDee.

Cats by their nature tend to be very laid back and refined animals, but Amanda has managed to catch what looks like a primal scream from this beautiful feline, its a very striking shot and reminds me of the Lucio Fulci film Black Cat (Gatto Nero).

This incredibly intense photo had my eyes locked to the screen, entranced at the power and alluring beauty that has been caught on film thanks to Amanda’s wonderful talent.”

Vamp DeeDee


I don’t take many photos of our two cats and perhaps I should after Lipstattoo’s lovely feedback.  I have another photograph of DeeDee (below) that I will send to Lips as a gift.


If you would like the chance to appear on Fan Spot and receive a digital copy of your favourite photograph from my gallery, all you have to do is tell me which photograph you like and why.  Contact me here.

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