Fan Spot Lydiate Abbey Woods

Today’s FAN SPOT comes from the wonderful actor Bill Oberst Jr who has chosen the image of Lydiate Abbey Woods as his favourite, and one that he would like to win in a competition that I’m currently running.

Also known as St Catherine’s Chapel, Lydiate Abbey appears to date to the 15th Century for the private worship of the Ireland family who held the Lydiate Lordship from 1410 to 1673. The use of the private chapel is likely to have ceased around 1550 following King Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.  It’s also reputed to be haunted, but you can read more on that by clicking here.

Lydiate Abbey Woods

Lydiate Abbey

The symmetry; the lovely peace of ruin; the truth that you have captured here…nothing lasts but love. Someone loved someone enough to erect these walls in memoriam. Thank you for remembering them with this image.

Bill Oberst Jr (17/01/2015)

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