Fan Spot: Marixa Lilith

Fan Spot is a brand new feature that provides fans the opportunity to receive their favourite photograph in return for telling us why they like it so much.

Kicking off this feature is the lovely Marixa Lilith.

Allright, finally I made up my mind about my very favorite pclip_image002hotograph.  It was hard as there are so many I like especially at the Cemetery Photography section.

I picked one of the shots taken in St Peter’s Churchyard called Fairies Grave, because it looks so mysterious, so antique and also neglected, like it is located at the darkest spot of the cemetery.

The main reason why this photograph touched me so much is because it reminds me of the classic vampire Hammer Horror films and it reminds me particularly of one scene that takes place in ‘Taste the Blood of Dracula’ with Christopher Lee, and they show all the dusty, old and neglected graves in this creepy and magnificent cemetery.  This photograph also gives me the feeling that it was taken a long time ago, like in another century even if its not and it captures all the vampiric beauty of the classic horror.

Fairies Grave

The Fairy Grave

Thanks to Marixa for the above feedback, which is fantastic as Hammer Horror is clearly one of my inspirations.  The grave above is in fact a neglected grave that is situated at the very back of an old English churchyard under the trees.  Next time I’m there, I will check the date on the headstone to see how old it is.

If you would like the chance to appear on Fan Spot and receive a digital copy of your favourite photograph from my gallery, all you have to do is tell me which photograph you like and why.  Contact me here.

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