FAN SPOT: The Dark Road to Nowhere

Today I feature two fans who both chose the same photograph for similar reasons and I enjoyed reading them very much.

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Dark Road to Nowhere

Dark Road to Nowhere

Scott Shoyer from Anything Horror

I love the idea for this series you’re doing!!  My pick, hands down is The Dark Road to Nowhere.  What an amazing, haunting, and isolation-inducing picture.  The dark figure in the distance … is he/she walking towards us or away from us?  And what is he/she doing out there? They may not even be walking anywhere. They could be standing there looking at the grave of a loved one.  And I love the light that’s in the distance … it almost looks like a curtain of darkness and one of light; each trying to push each other back.  It’s a really haunting and beautiful picture.  I keep staring at it hoping to find some clue as to the lonely figure out there.

I hope you don’t mind, but that photo is my screen saver on all 3 of my computers!!!  LOL

A. M. Esmonde author of ‘The Breathing Dead’ and more

‘There are many images that I like by creative photographer Amanda Norman, an eye catching  photo of ominous perfection is Dark Road to Nowhere.

It is a black and white image with scope, mystery and intrigue. Is the figure leaving or returning? Are the rays of light hinting at something more unearthly? The depth, equalisation in light, mid-tones and darks highlight the contrasting stones perfectly.

I’m usually a stickler for detail and many of Amanda’s photographs capture every minuet piece of gravel and so on, but what I love about Dark Road to Nowhere is the lack of detail and crispness. It’s unusual to be drawn to an image by what it doesn’t give. But in this case, it is its own unique strength. The dream like quality of the over all photo, the haziness of the graves that disappear into nothingness, silhouette figure that is natural and not posed, accompanied by the dark head stones bookends the road to nowhere.
The understated amount of lighting and the brightness of the horizon level, coupled with soft detail make it overwhelming and that is why I like it. Eerie creepy photography at it’s best. ‘

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