FAN SPOT: Vicki Death

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Today’s fan spot features the talented artist Vicki Death who is also from the same neck of the woods as I am.


Graveyard Tree


I had a tough time decided over which one certain piece to select of Amanda’s dark and elegant photography.

I finally settled on Graveyard Tree. I love how Amanda has captured the tree, nestled in amongst the graves. The tree seems to stand prominent amongst the tombs as if was protecting them., yet, in it’s own aspect, seems itself to be deceased.

The main reasons this photo captured me is how it has the dark, subtle, almost gothic feel, like something you’d see in a Tim Burton film or perhaps even from an old B-Movie. I love how the branches jut out, as if the tree where to grab you should you dare walk past! The photograph holds a lot of atmosphere, which I love! The mist in the background sets the photograph of beautifully, as well as giving the image a haunting and almost mysterious feel; it also allows the viewer to concentrate more on the foreground than the background. Nothing in the image seems lost, and Amanda has set the point of view for this photograph perfectly!

I asked Vicki what her favourite painting was so far and the reason why and below is her response.

The piece of art I’m selecting from my works is The Bride Of Frankenstein Gypsy.

Once again, I found it a tough choice to decide which of my works to select. My favourite seems to change on a daily basis, usually depending on my mood.

But this piece is deffinatly one of my long-term faves!

The Bride of Frankenstein is my favourite Universal Monster, so I decided to paint her, but with my own twist. I absolutely adore Western Traditional tattoo art, so wanted that to have a strong influence upon the piece (as that style of art does with a lot of my work). I love all the history and meanings behind traditional tattoos, and in the tattoo culture, a Gypsy is usually used to represent Good luck for the future and sometimes good fortune. I felt it’d be a sweet idea to combine both the Bride and a traditional tattoo style gyspy together.

Most people draw the Bride in either a white or green tone, but, sticking with the Western Traditional style, I decided to make her blue, after all, she is dead! In Western tattoo culture, a lot of portraits of deceased gypsies tend to have blue skin tones, so I wanted to transfer this element into my own work.

To finish off the piece, I wanted to add some contrast, hence the electrifying lightning bolts!

frankenstein bride

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