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Today’s FAN SPOT image is from Pete Tomkies (@PunkDuck66) who loves my image of Zombie Feet and would like to win it in my current competition to win a signed print that closes 31st January 2015.  

The inspiration for this image came from looking at my daughters feet as she watched the television and I just had to capture them, but do something totally different with it.  Can you imagine the looks and comments if this image was framed and upon your wall?

Check out what Pete had to say below as it’s one of the best feedback emails I’ve ever received.

Zombie Feet by Amanda Norman

Zombie Feet by Amanda Norman

Pete Tomkies writes:

Zombies are my favourite film monster bar none and I can’t deny I have a thing for cute toes and feet. However I wasn’t sure the two would go together and so it was with more than a little trepidation that I clicked to open the file Zombie Feet. But I needn’t have worried – it’s a gorgeous photo, subtle and understated but uniquely dark and gothic at the same time (not to mention cute toes and feet J). I love all your photographs Amanda but what I especially like about the Zombie Feet picture is that at first glance someone looking at it would see a beautiful artistic shot of an attractive pair of feet but the longer they gazed the more they would start to notice that there is something more to the image, something darker… I would love to have it on my wall so I can watch guests notice it, smile then look again and again… And I can’t wait till they ask me what the image is called!

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