Gas Mask Photographs–First Attempt

For a good few months now, I’ve wanted a gas mask so much so that I can take some portrait shots and I finally got one a couple of weeks ago.  The only problem is, I don’t want to take a photograph that isn’t scary in some way.  So below are three test shots and my thoughts about them that will help to inspire me for my perfect horror shot.

The first shot shows Mark on his back as I didn’t want the standard full frontal shot.  I don’t think it’s scary though.

Gas Mask Portrait by Amanda Norman

Mark’s eyes caught my attention and I somehow had to capture these.  Again, it’s not horrifying.

Gas Mask Portrait by Amanda Norman

Finally, I thought it would be better if Mark took off his shirt, but personally, I think this is more of a fetish shot than anything else.

Gas Mask Portrait by Amanda Norman

My main lesson learned here with this first shoot is that the setting, which was the living room floor, is the reason why the photographs don’t have that edge.  I will think of a perfect location and try again, but never the less, I do like the photographs even though I didn’t achieve my goal.


  1. Mandy,

    You are always so hard on yourself; these are great! I especially like the fact that they are close-ups that allow us to vaguely make out Mark’s eye behind the smoky gas-mask lens. The combination of human and mechanical elements give them a haunting quality; somewhat insect-like. I say keep going with this theme and do more! I personally am fascinated.

    your friend,
    Bill Oberst Jr. Loves Gas Masks, Too

  2. Thanks for the great feedback Bill.

    Your ‘Minute Nightmare’ video has inspired my next photograph with the gas mask, but I don’t think Mark has muscles as good as yours if I got him to climb down the stairs head first with a mask on. Will be fun trying though. 🙂

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