Ghostly Demon Portrait

Below is my latest self portrait titled Ghost Demon Portrait.

Although this isn’t a portrait taken by myself, I must say that I had the confidence to pose for my daughter, Kerry Sheree during one of her make up parties.  She used me as a model to teach others how to apply smokey eyes and foundation.  If you’re in the Warrington area and would like a party, then please contact her through her website at  You may even get a surprise if I’m there with my camera ;).

Ghost Demon Portrait

Back to the demon portrait, this edit is made effective by blackening the eyes, which does take time if you want them to look realistic.  The high contrast black and white image that has been extorted to give it a ghostly effect and it looks brilliant in a reconditioned frame.

Framed Portraits

This old vintage frame without glass was the inspiration to create the above demon portrait.  I often go to antique and charity shops looking for vintage and antique frames that can be used for my photography.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a unique piece of Gothic wall art or you would like to use my alternative portrait service and receive a framed print, please get in touch.  Prices for the frame depend on the price I paid for it and note due to their age, frames will not be picture perfect.

This particular frame had a thick cardboard mount, brown in colour that had a tear on the surface.  You can see this if you look under my portrait slightly to the right from the center.  The mount was painted black and the border was touched up with gold paint.  Overall, the frame is approximately 8.5 to 9 inches tall and approximately 7.5 inches wide and it is totally one off.  You won’t see this on someone’s wall and it is a genuine selling point that can’t be ignored.  You can read more about my Unique Gothic Wall Art by clicking here.

I can’t wait for this to be hung on the wall.  Finally, for some reason, the camera phone gave the portrait a purple hue, but to the naked eye, the print is black and white.  

Framed Demon Portrait

Demon Portrait Service

If you would like your very own demon or alternative portrait, please visit the alternative portrait service page for more information or click here and get in touch to speak about your requirements.

Feel free to check out the various portrait galleries for examples of my work.  All images with Kerry Sheree’s logo on them are photo shoots where I have teamed up with my talented daughter, Kerry Sheree to offer make-up services.  

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