Gothic Horror of Rievaulx Abbey

Gothic Horror Photography Rievaulx Abbey

GP107 Gothic horror photography featuring Rievaulx Abbey

Haunted Rievaulx Abbey

I simply adore creating Gothic horror photography.

I find it very therapeutic to create atmospheric images that will, hopefully provoke an array of emotions such as fear and dread. There also has to be an element of mystery and abandonment, where echoes of the past hauntingly remain. What if anything, hides among the dark shadows?

These images of Rievaulx Abbey where taken early morning in 2014 and the views were simply stunning. It was once the most important Cistercian abbey in England and when I photographed it, it was surrounded by mist and I was fully inspired for taking some haunting Gothic horror photography


GP108 Gothic ruins of Rievaulx Abbey

I’ve done a bit of Googling for ghost stories connected with Rievaulx Abbey and below is what I found: –

  • Sounds of a heavenly choir
  • The ringing of its bell, yet there has been no bell at the abbey in over 400 years
  • Chanting sounds at dusk
  • Again at dusk, a ghost of a monk has been seen. Don’t most places have apparitions of ghostly monks?
  • Visitors overwhelmed with feelings of sadness
Ghostly ruins of Rievaulx Abbey

GP102 Does Rievaulx Abbey have ghosts?

Rievaulx Abbey stands very tall and when I took these photographs, I wanted viewers to feel the imposing power and importance that the abbey once held. At the time of our visit, I did not feel that the place was haunted.

I’ve read that one Rievaulx abbot described his surroundings as ‘everywhere peace, everywhere serenity‘ and it’s certainly true.

Haunted Rievaulx Abbey Ruins

GP106 Gothic ruins of Rievaulx Abbey

In June 2018, I’ll be returning to the ghostly ruins of Rievaulx Abbey, but this time it has to be when the sun is setting as I want the shadows to be long and stretched and I need some clouds to add texture to the sky. Just maybe, I might catch a glimpse of a ghostly monk or hear the ghostly sounds of monks chanting. If I experience any of that, I doubt I’ll be able to take any photographs as I’m a bloody wimp and I’ll be out of there!

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