Gothic Horror Tattoo Cover Up

From old fire bird to a fantastic purple and black horror skull tattoo.  This is my journey on what it takes to get a tattoo cover up.
tattoo cover up by Jay GWA Hardman

Leigh Tattooist Jay GWA Hardman

The cover up of the fire bird was completed by wonderful Leigh tattooist, Jay GWA Hardman.  

I simply had no idea of what could be done to cover up the old tattoo, but the only thing I was sure about was, the new tattoo had to be Gothic horror themed and if possible, use my photography.

I’m a big fan of Ink Master, so I knew that it wasn’t impossible to cover up the tattoo, but I didn’t want something large and black. When I visited Jay for the very first time and provided all of this information to him, he reassured me that he can deliver and more importantly, told me that he loves horror.  Well, that’s a bonus as it’s important to get a tattooist who understands your wishes, but it’s equally important that they are totally up front and honest with you. Jay GWA Hardman delivered and his prices are very reasonable. Visit Jay at his tattoo studio, 71 Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing if you’re in the Leigh, Greater Manchester area.  To contact him or view his other work, please visit him on Facebook by clicking here.

71 Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing

1A Coniston Road, Astley, Lancashire, M29 7AS or telephone 07557 405917

Gothic Horror Tattoo

Gothic Horror PortraitTo begin with, Jay suggested that a tattoo sleeve starting on the inner of my fire bird forearm would be a good option and it was something that I had never thought of.  I showed him examples of my photography and I told him that I would love to have Kerry’s portrait tattooed on my arm.  In part one of my tattoo story, you can see the sketches Jay completed for this tattoo by clicking here.  Gothic Horror Tattoo

In a nutshell when the day came, I had changed my mind about having the tattoo portrait on my forearm and instead wanted that doing on the top of my arm.  It would have been so small and wouldn’t really have done it any justice.  I dreaded informing Jay of this as I didn’t want to mess him about, but he was already on the same wavelength.  He had already drafted up a new tattoo featuring my logo and slogan, which I loved.  Of course I didn’t get both tattoos done the same day, but I love them and there is more to be done on each of these.

The logo tattoo is going to have purple smoke added to the background once all elements of the sleeve are in place.  In regards to the portrait tattoo, her eyes need a little tweaking and other elements adding to it so stay tuned for this new tattoo adventure.

Tattoo Cover Up

The day came for the tattoo cover up and I had provided Jay a photograph of a crow that I had taken and thought that it would look nice.  I was trying to get something that could cover the shape of the fire bird, but again at the last minute, idiot brain here thought that it would be a black mass, which is not what I wanted.

I told Jay and this time it took longer to come up with a design that we would both be happy with.  I showed him some images tattoo sleeveof bats that I had seen, but again he explained that to cover up the bird, I would still have the same problem of a really dark tattoo.  We discussed my graveyard theme and the thought of crucifixes on my arm wasn’t appealing to me.

I told Jay that as long as it’s Gothic horror related, I’m open minded and said that I would also consider a skull.

To make matters more complicated, I have another tattoo on the same arm further up that is of flowers.  Right now, I think that to cover this particular tattoo is going to be near impossible.  Perhaps there’s an option to re-colour it with purples?

Anyway, the idea of a skull tattoo with a rose inspired Jay to come up with a design while I anxiously sat in this studio.  I’m also very impatient, hence the silly tattoos I’ve had done in the first place that require covering up.  When I saw what Jay had drawn up, I was super excited and the Gothic horror tattoo cover up was finally completed.

The top of the skull is left open for something else and I still want a vampire bat tattoo as part of the sleeve.  Perhaps the bat could be hanging from the flowers?

Lots of questions and thought is required for the next journey of the Gothic horror tattoo with Jay GWA Hardman, so stay tuned for this.



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