Haunting Ruins of Hardwick Old Hall

The Birds of Hardwick Old Hall

The Birds of Hardwick Old Hall

In 1587, Bess of Hardwick began building Hardwick Old Hall, which is a beautiful and haunting example of a grand house from the Tudor period.  If you visit it today, you can still see beautiful examples of plaster ornament upon the walls.

Ghosts of Hardwick Old Hall

The image above is titled ‘The Birds of Hardwick Old Hall‘ and I really couldn’t decide which edit I liked best, hence why the two photographs of Hardwick Old Hall are included here.  Feel free to comment below and let me know which one you prefer.  On the day these photographs were taken, the breeze was quite strong, which was great for me as it moves the clouds creating more of an eerie feel in some cases.

I’ve done a little bit of research to see if there are any tales of ghosts connected with Hardwick Old Hall and although I haven’t found any within the ruins itself, there are a few ghostly tales from the grounds and the surrounding area. 

  • Ghostly Monk – A couple were driving through Hardwick Park in the evening and both witnessed a ghostly monk with a brilliant white face.  Other accounts also tell of the same monk ghost being seen within days of their account
  • Ghost of Thomas Hobbes – The ghost of Thomas Hobbes, a philosopher, mathematician and writer who worked as a tutor at Hardwick Hall is said to haunt the grounds.  His wish of being buried within the grounds was not granted
Hardwick Old Hall photograph by Amanda Norman

Hardwick Old Hall

Derbyshire and The Peak District

I only spent one night visiting interesting locations in Derbyshire and The Peak District and it certainly wasn’t enough time, so therefore I am set to return soon.  Apart from visiting magnificent ruins, (see upcoming post about Wingfield Manor) I also went on the hunt for Memento Mori headstones and I wasn’t disappointed.  





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