Hauntings of St James Cemetery in Liverpool

I’ve decided to start a new project titled Haunted Liverpool and this is my first piece regarding the hauntings of St James Cemetery.  Each article will feature my creepy Gothic horror photography and a bit about the haunting’s of that particular location.  Don’t forget to visit my Haunted Liverpool gallery by clicking here.  Read more about my Haunted Liverpool (click here to read other posts) project.

St James cemetery that lies in a sunken sandstone quarry contains the graves of 57,000 Victorians and Edwardians and is over shadowed by Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.  Most of the headstones have been taken up and placed around the perimeter and the sandstone walls are covered in old etchings or graffiti.

I’ve never been able to shake off an uneasy feeling each time I’ve visited this cemetery and to my amazement, I’m now living within a five minute walk of it on Huskisson Street.

Huskisson Memorial

Huskisson Memorial

This particular cemetery is haunted by the ghost of William Huskisson MP whose footsteps have been heard near his mausoleum pictured right.  Some people also claim to have witnessed his limping spectre dressed in a top hat and long cape.  His body was laid to rest in 1830 after he was ran over by George Stephenson’s Rocket locomotive.

This information has been sourced from Liverpool’s, Tom Slemen in his book titled Liverpool Ghost Walk.  He informs us about a number of ghostly tales about the dead of this cemetery and the possible origins of the old etchings or graffiti that I told you about earlier.  There is one particular tale of a child’s corpse with red hair that was found sitting upright in her coffin after robbers broke into the walled tombs.  For further information and to purchase his books, please visit his website.

Bricked Up Tombs Ghost

Bricked Up Tombs

For now, I’ll leave you with another of my images of this spooky cemetery and hopefully I won’t encounter any ghosts next time I visit.  For more images of haunted Liverpool, please visit my Haunted Liverpool gallery by clicking here.

St James Cemetery Infrared

St James Cemetery

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