Hayseed Dixie Portraits

I’m so CHUFFED TO PIECES that my Hayseed Dixie portraits can be found on their new album titled, Free Your Mind… and Your Grass Will Follow. I’m made up!  

Free Your Mind And Your Grass Will Follow Album

The fantastic album artwork was designed by Out of House and the album will be out April the 14th 2017.  For all of your previews and latest news, please visit Hayseed Dixie on facebook.

Hayseed Dixie Free Your Mind Album

Hayseed Dixie Free Your Mind Album

Hayseed Dixie Portraits – The Beginning

Never in a million years would I have imagined myself having the opportunity to take alternative portraits, of band members from one of my favourite bands, but it happened thanks to my mate Dave and Hayseed Dixie.

Hayseed Dixie Sound Check

After a cheeky request to Dave, he arranged for me to attend Hayseed Dixie‘s soundcheck at Liverpool’s O2 Academy in May 2016.  I was so incredibly nervous at meeting the guys and taking their portrait that I almost chickened out, but they’re a great bunch of guys and check out Hippy Joe messing about at their sound check.  These guys are incredibly funny, talented and very down to Earth.  I loved every minute of it!


Check out Jake trying to hide behind the microphone stand hahaha!


Who Are Hayseed Dixie?

Hayseed Dixie formed in 2000 in Tennessee and tour world wide with their fantastic blues grass rock style music.  They cover tracks from famous bands like ACDC through to Abba and George Michael.  It’s a brand new experience listening to their versions played on mandolin, banjo’s and guitars.  It is certainly one that you will fully enjoy as I recommended watching them to my friends who also watched them in Liverpool and they loved them!  They even sprinkle their tunes with a dusting of crazy humour that will have you laughing and they fully interact with the audience.

What’s even more special is that these guys will come and meet you in the bar after the show and chat to their fans and allow photographs to be taken. 

Hippy Joe Fan Photograph Hippy Joe Fan Photograph Jake Byers Fan Photograph John Wheeler Fan Photograph

Meet Hippy Joe from Hayseed Dixie

Joe Hymashy of Hayseed Dixie Portrait

Can’t you tell that Hippy Joe loves to pose for the camera?

Watch out for his funny antics whilst playing live on stage.  Joe is certainly one crazy character and he was simply awesome to photograph.

Hippy Joe Portrait

Meet Jake Byers of Hayseed Dixie

Jake Byers of Hayseed Dixie PortraitJake well got into the spirit of having his portrait taken.  I love this portrait!

Meet John Wheeler of Hayseed Dixie

John Wheeler is the front man of Hayseed Dixie and he’s awesome on stage.  He surprised me by asking if I would like to take photographs of them on the stage and immediately I panicked as I know how difficult this type of photography is, but I had nothing to lose in giving it a go.

John Wheeler Portrait

After my experience of taking concert photography, I’ve decided that I will leave it to those who have passion and thoroughly enjoy it.  I had the wrong lens and the photograph below is the only image that I really like.

Hayseed Dixie at Liverpool O2 Academy 2016

Meet Tim Carter of Hayseed Dixie

It was Tim’s first concert with Hayseed Dixie and he was excellent.

Tim of Hayseed Dixie

To find out more about Hayseed Dixie and why you should go and see them live, please click on the links below.

Hayseed Dixie Official Website – Only purchase merchandise direct from this site and don’t support pirates.

Hayseed Dixie on Facebook

Hayseed Dixie on Youtube

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