Horror Book Cover Design For Matt Molgaard


After reading Part 1 of The Belmont Brothers: Binds (click here to read), I can see why Matt Molgaard requested the photograph titled Blood Shadows II to be used for the design of a book cover for his new horror novel series.   It fits in well with the terrifying ordeal Jonathan Belmont faces while lying on a woodland path as the night draws in.Horror Book Cover Design Service by Amanda Norman

I really enjoyed reading Part 1 as Matt has an exceptional writing talent.  Yes, I agree with some of the reviews that in some parts it may be a bit too wordy, but you really can imagine yourself being right there, in the scene with the characters.  Well worth reading!

As for the book cover design above, I really enjoyed designing it and I look forward to working with Matt on future projects.  Click here to visit Matt Molgaard’s website and read Part 1.  Matt is also responsible for reviewing lots of horror novels, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading.

Horror Book Cover Design Service

If you would like to use any of my photography for a book or CD cover, then please contact me for my latest pricing information.  I can assure you that my prices are very reasonable.

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