Horror No Go Zone

I’ve compiled a list of places and objects that are a no go zone for me thanks to the many horror films I’ve watched over the years. Below is my personal list of things that terrify me and feel free to leave your responses as I’m sure there are many more.

St Bernard Dog

I always tread carefully near St Bernard dogs thanks to Stephen Kings Cujo. It has to be the most terrifying dog of all horror films.

Corn Fields

Remember the scene in ‘Children of the Corn’ when the stalks of corn suddenly part way for our entrance into the corn field? Absolutely no way will you find me travelling near a corn field.

Parked Lorries

This one will probably make you laugh. Ever since watching ‘Trucks’ again a Stephen King film, I hate to cross the road near a parked truck at night that is pure black inside the windows in case it suddenly starts up and mows me down. Also thinking about it, if you’ve watched this film, do you remember the lawn mower coming to life?

Windows at Night

Ever since Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, I’ve not been able to sit in a room at night with the curtains/blinds open just in case a mist forms and something floats up to the window with yellow eyes and starts dragging their long fingernails down it.

Shiny Silver Balls

Although they don’t scare me that much, I do imagine sharp blades to suddenly pop out before the balls float in the air and chase me and land smack bang in the middle of my forehead. Thanks Phantasm! That tall undertaker guy walking down the street is scary as Hell.

Television Screens

When you’re sat at the television and suddenly there’s a problem with the aerial and the screen goes all white and fuzzy, I’m scared as Hell that spirits are on their way to get me thanks to Poltergeist.

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  1. I get a kick out of so many of them being King’s fault.

    As for the TV screens you should have seen the show I saw where they did recreations of hauntings and they had one with a ghostly arm coming out of a turned off TV set. I don’t remember the name of the show. It was just a single night’s special programming.

    Or there was the Tales from the Darkside episode with a thing under the bed that made all of us want to jump into bed from as far back as possible so as not to be grabbed.

  2. Hi Robert

    I didn’t really watch Tales from the Darkside as the music and dancing woman put me off, plus it always seemed to be on instead of Hammer House of Horror. 🙂

    King is a master of horror!

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