Interesting Tymes with David McCluskey

It’s not often that I go out of my way to recommend another artist or Gothic horror product, but when I do, it’s because I want the whole world to see it.

Interesting Tymes David McCluskey

Interesting Tymes David McCluskey

Interesting Tymes by David McCluskey from Liverpool, is a six story anthology hosted by the endearing yet gruesome looking character Edward D’ammage.  If you like your comics, this is a must to check out from the links provided below.

The art is provided by Andrew Morrice and it captures the Gothic horror feel I love so well, especially considering that the colours are so rich and vibrant, but it’s the writer David McCluskey who brings this character to life with his talent for writing.

I came across David’s work when reading an interview with him over at The Slaughtered Bird website and I thought to myself that this can’t be the David McCluskey I used to work with years ago?

The Slaughtered Bird is the number one resource for horror fans, especially if you’re near Liverpool.  Click here to read the interview.

The more I read, the more convinced I became and I had to get in touch with him to confirm it was that cheeky, scouse, chappy I remembered so well from our U-NET days.

It’s amazing that although he knew that I was into my horror back then, as I used to run one of the largest vampire forums in the UK under a character name of LiaCarla and more than likely didn’t shut up about it, we both discovered that we have so much more in common.

We are both struggling artists who love the horror genre so much.  We both dream of one day giving up our jobs and making a living from it, but we need YOU to support our work.  I believe that this could soon be on the horizon for David as he has so much talent and I urge you to please give him a chance and purchase a copy of his comic right now as you won’t regret it.  This is one artist who needs your support as he truly deserves it.

More About David McCluskey

To find out more about David McCluskey or to contact him direct, please click on the links below and watch out for him at various Comic Conventions.

Twitter: @dammaged_comics or @IntTymes



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