Legends of the Night TV Series

Recently, I was contacted by Karl White regarding a new television series that focuses on the old legends and classic monsters of long ago.

I was so excited to hear that someone is focusing on the tales that made classic horror what it is, that I decided to interview Karl to find out more about him and his TV show, Legends of the Night.


Please introduce yourself to my readers.

My name is Karl White, and I am the creator/writer of Legends of the Night.  I have a BFA in Film Directing and have worked in TV for the last 5 years.  I’m an avid movie fan, any genre as long as it has a compelling story and well developed characters.  Of course I am a horror fan as well, but tend to lean a bit more towards the classic monster movies of the 1930’s and the Hammer films of the 50’s and 60’s.

I have a love of Gothic Horror and essentially films/stories that focus on the unknown and whether or not creatures and ghosts exist.  I personally believe that a lot of modern horror concentrates on torture, blood and gore and I hate to think that future generations will be brought up on this material and lose out on the old legends.  Do you agree?

I absolutely agree!  There seems to be no subtlety any more in storytelling.  It IS all blood and gore and somehow that’s representative of what horror is supposed to be.  Horror, at it’s core, comes from oral histories, folk tales and cautionary tales.  Hundreds even thousands of years ago people would sit around and tell stories about things that lived in the dark.  It was a way to explain things, a way to keep people in check and as time went on it evolved.  Horror turned into entertainment and as we sit today, it is just a way for movies studios and TV networks to make money.  They don’t care whether the story entertains or if there is a message or meaning behind it.  I guess I take issue with that.  I don’t just want cheap scare after cheap scare.  I want stories that build, characters that jump off the screen at me and something compelling that I walk away from thinking about the next day.  There is nothing like that being made right now.

What are your influences and inspirations for Legends of the Night?

I’ve been inspired by so many things, it’s hard to fit it all into one answer.  I looked to other anthology series as templates: The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Amazing Stories and of course Hammer House of Horror.  But what has influenced the writing of Legends of the Night the most is my love of movies/stories outside of the genre of horror, carefully crafted dramas, tension inducing thrillers, intelligent and suspenseful sci-fi, if it’s good, it has influenced LOTN.  What I’ve tried to do is build stories that blur the lines between the genres with the horror/creature element being the one thing that unifies them.  There’s no chronology to the stories and each one takes place in different periods in time, set in locations all over the world.  One episode could be the story of a person under control of a Vampire, force to do unspeakable things, set in contemporary Los Angeles.  The next week’s show could take place in 15th century England with villagers trying to defend themselves against murderous Red Caps.  The week after that could be a Samurai in Feudal Japan who is attacked by a werewolf and now faces the struggle that he is slowly becoming one himself.  Those are just a few examples of show stories; I have 90 episodes laid out as of right now so I’m sure you can image the depths of subject matter and themes that I explore.

Legends of the Night is a television series, but what channels/networks will it be available on and will it be worldwide?

LOTN is still a written product, I am seeking a network.  I would love for it to be a worldwide phenomenon, but that is where it gets tricky.  Cable networks like HBO or Showtime are good platforms for that and they treat anthology shows pretty well.  But I’ve also entertained the thought of producing it with Microsoft X-box or Netflix or Blockbuster or Amazon and make it a platform show for them – available to an international audience instantaneously.  On-demand is where TV is heading so why not make that a starting point.

Any well-known personalities on board?

No one yet, but the undeniable quality to previous anthology series that cannot be ignored, is a host to provide insight to storylines and mythology.  It would also help brand Legends of the Night as a unified entity, despite the changing subject matter, much as Alfred Hitchcock did with Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  My short list includes: Rob Zombie, Danny Trejo, Josh Brolin, Tom Savini, Ving Rhames and Brian Cox.

Who will be writing the material?

The source material has all been written by me, I think that will help with keeping the stories a consistent quality.  As far as the episode scripts, I would love to explore new and emerging writing talent or veteran screenwriters out of the horror genre who want to work on projects outside of their expertise.

Where do you see yourself in 1 years time?

Hopefully preparing to air the first season of Legends of the Night!

How can people get involved with your work and find out more?

Well first and foremost go to the website www.legendsofthenight.com

Sign the online petition, tell your friends, help make the show a reality.  I am also working on a graphic novel series to act as a companion to the show.  It will explore some of the mythology of behind LOTN and possibly spin-off some of the characters filling in their back stories.  Don’t have any date on that, but keep a look out.

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