Liverpool Horror Club Winner

Meet lucky winner, Heather who won the raffle prize of a horror portrait at Liverpool Horror Club‘s first Horrific Christmas Market, which was held in December 2017 at District in Liverpool.  The vampire horror portrait below was done by accident as I decided it would be fun to take test shots to settle Heather down due to her nerves and to relax her in front of the lens. I adore this shot of Heather looking vamp!

Heather Vampire Portrait by Amanda Norman

Heather looking very vamp!

Liverpool Horror Club

Liverpool horror club

Liverpool Horror Club is a community run by fans of horror with a primary aim of networking. They cater for fans of horror movies, books, board games and everything else you can think of. The next movie night on Friday 8th June 2018, will showcase Peter Jackson’s, Braindead (1992) and they will be joined on the night by FX maestro Stuart Conran who was a creature and gore FX technician on the movie. 

Also on the agenda is BLOOD IN THE BASEMENT taking place funnily enough in the basement of Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel during the 11th International Liverpool Tattoo Convention, May 5th-6th 2018. I’m really gutted that due to other work commitments, I can’t join them on the 5th of May, but I will be attending/trading on the 6th and I hope to see you there?

Why not join in the fun by heading on over to Facebook and liking their page at Liverpool Horror Club.

Heather’s Horror Portrait Prize

In December (2017) at the Horrific Christmas Market in Liverpool, hosted by Liverpool Horror Club, I donated a prize of a horror portrait for their raffle with all proceeds going towards the wonderful Whitechapel Centre. It was a fantastic event and it was by far, the best collection of traders specialising in horror merchandise, in Liverpool, that was put together especially for fans of the genre to enjoy. With the addition of Santa and his mischievous elves, the event was a brilliant success. Blood in the Basement, the next event promises to be even better, so please get yourselves to the Adelphi Hotel on May 5th-6th 2018.

I was contacted by Heather following the event and to say that she was apprehensive about having a horror photo shoot would be an understatement as she had never done anything like this before. I didn’t want Heather to lose out on a memorable experience that I could create for her, so we had a long chat online discussing ideas. She sent me examples of images that she liked and the initial brief was to wear horns and look sexy. We set the date for coffee and during that meeting, we found out that we had a lot in common.  Please see my previous post ‘Do You Believe in Fate‘.

Milk bath portrait with horns

Heather in a milk bath with horns

The horror photo shoot took place on April the 2nd. Heather was so apologetic for not being able to do the shoot sooner, but all I wanted was for Heather to relax and enjoy it, therefore she was in control of the timings. I won’t mind admitting at one point that I did think she may bottle it, but I was glad when she messaged me to arrange the date and tell me her new idea of a milk bath horror portrait. The pictures she sent me for inspiration were great, but almost every one had flowers floating in the bath. Luckily, I persuaded Heather to forget about the flowers as it was too common. 

Milk Bath Portrait With Horns

The horror portrait directly below of Heather wearing horns in a bath of milk is my favourite from the shoot for a number of reasons. Firstly, Heather was supposed to be having her make-up done for the shoot, but due to unexpected events on the day, that didn’t happen. Kerry Sheree, my daughter who normally does make-up for me on shoots, wasn’t available due to short notice so that left it to be completed by me. I’m not a trained make-up artist and as we was going for a grungy look, I thought that I had a good chance of getting away with it.

It was hilarious really and I wish I’d taken a photograph of the first attempt as I wanted to create a smokey affect under the eyes and to achieve this, I watched a video tutorial that stated to use a brush with down strokes. Heather finished up looking like a panda as the makeup had been spread down to the bottom of her cheeks. We didn’t half have fun doing this shoot and I got the chance to explore new avenues of my creativity.

Milk bath portrait with horns

Milk bath portrait with horns

Heather’s Horror Portrait Favourites

You’ve seen my favourite horror portrait’s from the photo shoot, but Heather has her own favourites starting with the one of her holding a skull in the bath of milk, but she doesn’t know what it is that she likes about it. I like it as it shows off her tattoos and her red hair.

Horn Girl and Skull

Horn Girl and Skull

Her other favourite image is the one of her lying down in the bath as she likes how her face looks so smooth like the milk and how her black eyes stand out, but in a calm way.  I must say that my make-up skills look excellent on this image.

Heather Grunge

Heather’s milk bath portrait

Heather says:

At Christmas I won a raffle at a Horror Christmas Market and one of the things I won was a photo shoot with Amanda Norman. This wasn’t something I would have ever had the courage to do if I hadn’t have won it as a prize but after meeting Amanda for the first time, she instantly put me at ease and I felt comfortable to talk about ideas for my shoot with her and be open and honest with her about what I was and wasn’t ok with.
She was kind, considerate and put me at ease right from the first meeting with her. In all honesty, it was like I had known her for years right from the start. She gave me full control of the photos that she would use for her site and was happy to crop and edit any bits that I didn’t like too.

The whole experience was so much fun that looking back on it, all I can remember is laughing and I’m thankful that I met Amanda and that I had the courage to do my photo shoot with her. It boosted my confidence and it is something that I will do again with her in the future with her too. Where else can you get a gothic horror photo taken of yourself with such a bright, loving and compassionate woman?!

If you’re thinking about doing this – DO IT! You won’t regret it – Heather 21/04/2018

Horror Portrait Service

If you would like your very own horror or alternative portrait, please visit the alternative portrait service page for more information or click here and get in touch to speak about your requirements.

Feel free to check out the various portrait galleries for examples of my work.  All images with Kerry Sheree’s logo on them are photo shoots where I have teamed up with my talented daughter, Kerry Sheree to offer make-up services.  

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