Liverpool Canning Street Ghosts

Today, 21st April 2014, Joan Povey got in touch with me via Twitter to tell me her terrifying account from when she lived in Canning Street.  A big thank you to Joan for allowing me to publish this here.

During the late sixties early seventies, I lived at 57 Canning street and my boyfriends friend lived at number 30. They occupied the whole house and they were the Swatton family.  Jeff our friend used to have party’s when his mum was away on business.   We didn’t drink or smoke so I know what we witnessed was real.

On one such night we were sitting around listening to music when we heard noises coming from the first floor landing, so we all crept upstairs and what we saw terrified u. When Jeff’s mum went away she would put locks on all the bedroom doors so we couldn’t get up to no good as we were all teenagers.  Well anyway, all the locks were rotating, we just sat there paralysed with fear and flew out of the house.  Jeff stayed at ours until his mum came home, he wouldn’t go back even though he had older sisters at home.

Years later I became friends with his sisters daughter Sharon and she told me she was reading in the lounge, when the world clock that stood on the mantle and hadn’t worked for years, suddenly chimed.  She looked up and saw a man with red eyes.  She screamed and it disappeared.  I remember that world clock clearly, because as a 15 year old it fascinated me.

Sharon also said they invited a white witch in to look around and she said she felt a presence of an old lady with odd clothes and a dishevelled appearance, which fitted their old housekeeper Bella perfectly.   My boyfriend who I went on to marry remembered her well.

Joan x

I adore Tom Slemen’s Haunted Liverpool books so much that when I read them, I have to go and find the area he’s talking about and then photograph it to try and capture the eerie atmosphere he portrays so well.  This photograph was taken on the corner of Percy Street looking onto Canning Street.  Read more about my Haunted Liverpool (click here to read other posts) project.

Canning Street in Liverpool is just around the corner from where I live and I read the tale titled Through a Window Darkly about a jewellery and clock repair man who moved into a second floor flat on Percy Street.  This took place in 1937 and when sitting on his bed and taking off his shoes, this gentleman caught sight of a light out of the corner of his eye.  The light was coming from a dim lamp burning in the second floor window of a house across the road in Canning Street.

Canning Street

Canning Street

What he saw would haunt him for the rest of his life!

A woman was sitting at a dressing table brushing her long raven black hair when a man crept up behind here, put a bag or a pillowcase over her head and held her in a headlock.  The woman struggled and knocked over the lamp in the process because the window was plunged into sudden darkness.

The gentleman made enquiries, even as far as notifying the police, but to no avail.  A policeman told him that numerous people had reported seeing the same thing and nothing could be found.

To read the story in full, please purchase Tom Slemen’s Haunted Liverpool 4.

In the book Haunted Liverpool 7, there is another tale of a ghost haunting a couple in 1996.  This ghost is terrifying and even tried to take control of the couples car when fleeing and drive it into the docks.

If I had read this story first, I might not have ventured on to Canning Street.

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