Luke the Vampire Portrait

I’ve been doing horror portraits for many years now and my editing skills are progressing a lot, so much so that I’ve decided to re-vamp some of my old portraits.

Inspired by Salem’s Lot

This particular edit has the look of a Salem’s Lot vampire and it must be down to the fact that someone very recently posted about Salem’s Lot on Facebook.

Salem’s Lot was shown over two consecutive nights on the TV (UK) back in the 1980’s when I was an impressionable teenager.  I must have been about 12 or 13 years old. After the first night and my introduction to MR BARLOW, I cried and begged my younger sisters to let me share the bed with one of them as I was terrified.  I ended up falling asleep alone and with the light on.  The second night, I had to beg and hound my mother to allow me to watch it, promising that I wouldn’t do a repeat of the night before and my sisters warning me that the answer will be no.  Errr, I cried again!

To this day I don’t like curtains open at night.

Luke the Vampire

Luke’s vampire portrait

What Does Your Soul Say About You?

Luke Addison Portrait

Luke Addison Portrait

I’ve included Luke’s original portrait pose as I don’t always start a shoot believing that I’m going to create a vampire, werewolf or other type of monster portrait.  It’s all about the soul revealing its inner demon to my lens and in the case of Luke’s, his did shout out VAMPIRE.  My favourite quote to any of my clients is ‘snarl at the camera‘ as it always gets a laugh.

Make up isn’t always required for a shoot as my editing skills will bring out the various tones to enhance the final image.  With the exception of Luke’s teeth, everything else is as per the original photograph taken in 2007.

I would just like to thank Luke for allowing me to re-vamp his original pose.  Luke is a very good photographer and his work can be seen at

If you would like a horror portrait, then please get in touch.  They look fantastic when framed and placed on the wall.  Below are a couple of examples from my own collection.

Framed Portraits

Alternative Portrait Service

Alternative Portrait Service

If you would like your very own witch or alternative portrait, please visit the alternative portrait service page for more information or click here and get in touch to speak about your requirements.

Feel free to check out the various portrait galleries for examples of my work.  All images with Kerry Sheree’s logo on them are photo shoots where I have teamed up with my talented daughter, Kerry Sheree to offer make-up services.  

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