Moreton Corbet Photographs

Moreton Corbet Castle in Shropshire is one of the most beautiful ruins to photograph and I highly recommend visiting it.

The Elizabethan ruins you see above date back to the 16th century and was built by the Corbet family whom the village, Moreton Corbet is named after.

Robert Corbet who was a favourite of Elizabeth the 1st was highly influenced by classical architecture he had seen whilst overseas in his role as a diplomat.  He started the build of the manor that we see today, but unfortunately, he died of the plague in 1583 and his brothers, Vincent and Richard Corbet carried on with the build.

Ruins of Moreton Corbet Castle

Ruins of Moreton Corbet Castle

The buildings fell into disuse during the 18th century and today are still owned by the Corbet family, but managed by the English Heritage.  It’s free to walk amongst these splendid ruins and there is also a cellar that you can enter.

Moreton Corbet Haunted Ruins

During the reign of King James I, persecuting Puritans was rife.  Vincent Corbet although not a Puritan, hated to see them treated harshly and offered his neighbour, Paul Holmyard protection by allowing him to live in the manor.  Unfortunately for Paul, Vincent got worried when the troubles became more extreme and feared that he couldn’t offer him protection any longer.  Therefore he told him to leave.  Paul survived in the local woods for some time before making his way back to Moreton Corbet and when he saw Vincent Corbet, he cursed him and the Corbet family.  No one shall live in the house again and building work will never be completed.   Vincent and his son, Andrew Corbet refused to live in the manor from this date due to being terrified.

It is said that the ghost of Paul Holmyard has been seen walking the grounds to ensure that building work isn’t started.  I wonder if this is why the Corbet family chose to live elsewhere?

I have to say, I explored these ruins totally at ease.  I was even happy to explore the cellar on my own until Mark followed me in, hence the shot above.  The only time I had a feeling of being watched was when I turned around and I could see Mark aiming his camera lens at me from a distance.  I hate having my photograph taken!

Moreton Corbet Castle Ruins

Moreton Corbet Castle Ruins

Moreton Corbet Graveyard

The graveyard is situated next to the ruins and I came across the most beautiful graveyard scene pictured below. When you look for beauty in death, you will find it!

Moreton Graveyard Crucifix

Moreton Graveyard Crucifix

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