My Idol Sir Simon Marsden Dies

I’ve just found out that my idol and inspiration for Gothic horror photography, Sir Simon Marsden died last month, January 22 at the age of 63.  I’m truly saddened by this news.

Sir Simon Marsden

Sir Simon Marsden

I first came across Simon Marsden when I flicked over the channels and his voice and imagery IMMEDIATELY caught my attention.  It was a documentary about spooky locations in Ireland and I was amazed that someone else like myself enjoyed taking photographs of tombs and ruins that captured an eerie atmosphere.  The passion and enthusiasm Simon had for these locations really shone through in his work and from that day forward, I This Spectred Isle Simon Marsdenwas hooked.  I got straight onto the Internet, did a search for him, found his website and ordered his book, ‘This Spectred Isle – A journey through haunted England’.

This book is full of dark, haunting images that stick in your mind and together with his text, it takes you to a different dimension.

It was always my dream to meet him one day and I would have given anything to have gone on a photography trip with him.  I should have just asked him.

I contacted him once via his website to tell him what his photography meant to me and I wasn’t expecting a reply, but he did reply and further more in our brief conversation, he told me that he liked my photography.  YES!  I cannot tell you what this meant for me.

Sent: 05 February 2009 09:09
To: Amanda Norman
Subject: Re: For Simon

Hi Amanda,

Many thanks for your kind words on my pictures.

Your websites are great and I love your pictures of Romania, one of my favourite places.

Best regards,


Seriously, if you love Gothic horror and spooky tales, you should pay a visit to Simon’s website and view his breath taking photography.

I’m sad that he’s gone, but I will never forget his work and I will always continue to mention Simon as my inspiration and I really hope that you have a look at his work and immerse yourself in another dimension.

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