New Witch Portrait

I have always found the history of witches to be fascinating and it is probably fueled by my granddad telling me when I was little that I am a descendant of  one of the Pendle Hill witches, Old Chattox.  I honestly don’t know how true this is as I tried to research my family history once and I gave up due to a lack of information.  Before you ask, there is no one else in my family who I can ask, it’s so dysfunctional that I only speak with my sisters and the families we have created. Anyway, I digress….

Male Witch Portrait

Here is a brand new male witch portrait featuring my handsome partner Mark.  

Does he remind you of anyone?

Male Witch Portrait

Of course this is purely my opinion, but I think he has a look of one of the greatest horror actors of all time and my favourite, Vincent Price!

Witchfinder General is one of my favourite Vincent Price horror films and when revisiting this classic horror a few years ago, it dawned on me that the opening credits with the horrible faces must have inspired my own portrait work.  I had totally forgotten about those faces appearing on the credits and they must have been firmly implanted into my subconscious mind as a teenager.  Yes, I was one of those teenagers that sneakily watched horror movies and then cried due to being scared and begged to sleep in one of my sisters bed with them.  My sisters are younger than me and they always took the mickey out of me for this, but I still couldn’t resist watching more.  Salem’s Lot terrified me!

Alternative Portrait Service

If you would like your very own witch or alternative portrait, please visit the alternative portrait service page for more information or click here and get in touch to speak about your requirements.

Feel free to check out the various portrait galleries for examples of my work.  All images with Kerry Sheree’s logo on them are photo shoots where I have teamed up with my talented daughter, Kerry Sheree to offer make-up services.  

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