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  1. Jacqui C Holloway

    I have many that I like here but what stands out for me is the rams head followed by the close up of the heads. – It just sets off my imagination in a spiral twist upwards and I find myself getting exited to see if I can spot some of these gems along my travels

  2. Oh my gosh! These are just gorgeous! I LOVE cemeteries; the older the better. Lovely photos here and I thank you SO much for sharing these. I too take pics at cemeteries, though none so beautiful and old as this one, but still is great fun! Also am a horror/surreal/fantasy artist and creator of some creepy living dead babee dolls…Keep up the beautiful stuff, Amanda!

  3. I love these, Mandy. Just Facebooked and Tweeted the page. We are not very comfortable with melancholy in modern times. I wonder if we would be healthier if we were. There is a peace in these images. Thank you for documenting the crumbling old resting places before they return to dust. Beautiful work and good for the soul!

  4. All good images but for your purposes I’d opt for the second, very black image. Great story about the poker hand!

  5. Thanks Katie.

    I hope you’re well and looking forward to Halloween?

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  18. Date: 15/06/2014

    Testimonial from
    Leeanne Higham who requested a portrait shoot with a 12”x8” print for £30.

    Well if I am honest I got very nervous on my way to meet Amanda Norman for our shoot at Lydiate abbey ruins …. but as soon as we met amanda put me at ease and made me relaxed explaining what she was doing at all times, what kind of poses we were trying for ( pouting is defo not my look lol) there was lots of laughter and loved that amanda showed me pics that had been taken as we went along …. I loved every minute of the shoot especially getting to wear all amanda’s hand made jewellery its gorgeous ….. I will definitely be going and having more photo time with amanda and now will defo have the confidence to suggest a few poses etc ….. thought of a few on drive home but the end result of what amanda took is just amazing I adore them all …. Thank you so much for your time and the opportunity your one of a kind n love your uniqueness xxxx Leeanne ‘Lee Lee’ Higham xxx

  19. Date: 21/04/2014

    Testimonial from Tony Longworth in the UK who uses Amanda’s photography on his albums and loves sitting for portraits.

    I’ve used Amanda’s services on many occasions for dark photography & dark portraits. She is always friendly & fun to work with & produces the most stunning of end results – her amazing work adorns some of my albums & her dark portraits of me are second to none. She is someone I go back to time & time again for all my photography needs. I highly recommend her.

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  26. Date: 01 March 2015

    Testimonial from Paul Millar (Mad Hatter Photo Shoot) who chose Kerry Sheree’s Beauty Make Up option

    Paul Millar says..
    Great fun today as my very first time as a ‘model’
    Kerry’s work is very professional and her easy going nature put me right at ease and helped me relax. Amazed at the transformation in to full on Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp would have been proud of this make over in the Tim Burton film. Great work too by Amanda Norman, a wizard behind the lens. Can’t recommend this partnership highly enough, what a team! Hollywood beckons…!

  27. Cool I’ve lived on Huskisson Street for 13 years & never knew about the ghostly duellists.

  28. Nice to meet you Alan.

    Have you heard about the rose girl ghost?

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  32. Boudoir Photo Shoot - Kath

    Last week I had a photo shoot with Amanda, with my make up done by Kerry Sheree. I was very nervous whilst driving to the shoot. But the lady’s soon put me at ease. I can’t express my thanks enough, for there encouragement. My confidence has certainly grown by doing this. Please take it from me, if you have always wanted to do something like this, but haven’t got the courage. Please take the leap of faith. As this experience was a turning point in my life. Professional and fun. Had a great day. The outcome of the photographs are amazing. I’d recommend to anyone. Thanks again.