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  1. Cool I’ve lived on Huskisson Street for 13 years & never knew about the ghostly duellists.

  2. Nice to meet you Alan.

    Have you heard about the rose girl ghost?

  3. what an interesting story, am currently hoping to buy 30 Canning Street Liverpool ( offer currently accepted ). After viewing lots of houses it is this house that I have fallen in love with. There was something very special about it for me, a feeling that I can’t describe.

  4. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your house move

  5. Me and my freinds sprayed that lost boys when we were 17 im 27 now .bikers with no were to go so we made are mark.

  6. I love that you seem to be totally addicted to photographing statues in cemeteries as much as me! I just wanted to say hi and you can check out my website and let me know what you think too. My cemetary work is under the other tab. I love your work, its dark and yet beautiful. Which is why I love photographing in cemetaries, there really is so much beauty!!

  7. Hi Kris

    Thanks for taking the time out to view my work and commenting on it.
    It makes it so worthwhile when I hear that it’s not just me who sees the beauty in cemeteries and graveyards.
    Nice work by the way!

    Kind Regards

  8. Hi Amanda

    A lovely blog of your visit to Lincolnshire and some great photos!

    A recent guest has posted some more photos of our little church:

    I saw them and thought of you as we thought you might like the photos with the candles lit 🙂

    Hope all well with you
    Kind regards

  9. Thanks Paul and they’re great photos!

    I hope you’re well?

  10. Yes thanks we are all well – loving your photos on Facebook!

  11. Hi Mandy. I was with Simon when he photographed the cadaver at Stamullen. In fact, I was standing just at the edge of frame when he took that photograph. What a fantastic trip that was.

  12. Did you meet Brendan Matthews?

  13. Im 15 years old and I love your photography, mainly because I love gothic styled stuff but your photography is amazing, Im aiming to be as good as you one day

  14. Thank you Johnny.

    All you need is passion. 🙂

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  18. I recently moved in to a property across the road from Lydiate Abby and found strange unexplained things going on in my home

  19. Hi Diane

    I bet your property is lovely!
    What unexplained things are happening?

  20. Boudoir Photo Shoot - Kath

    Last week I had a photo shoot with Amanda, with my make up done by Kerry Sheree. I was very nervous whilst driving to the shoot. But the lady’s soon put me at ease. I can’t express my thanks enough, for there encouragement. My confidence has certainly grown by doing this. Please take it from me, if you have always wanted to do something like this, but haven’t got the courage. Please take the leap of faith. As this experience was a turning point in my life. Professional and fun. Had a great day. The outcome of the photographs are amazing. I’d recommend to anyone. Thanks again.

  21. I actually love your work! You’re going to be a huge part of my A-Level photography project because I can’t find anything quite as enticing as your work!
    Love, love, love it!!

  22. Thank you Izzie for your kind words and good luck with your project.

  23. My grandmother and great parents lived in Abbey View house many years ago!

  24. I am very inspired by your work. I am basing my A-Level project on your work. It took me ages to find a photographer that did something like you do. none of which are as good as your work. Your work is fantastic. Thank you for taking some very interesting photos and would love to see more of your work!! keep up the good work.

  25. Thanks Charlotte and good luck with your A-Level project.

  26. Fantastic photography! A pleasure to meet you. X Hippy joe , Hayseed dixie

  27. Tom Slemens books are utter rubbish, each book is full of the same old stuff he constantly repeats his tales. I recenty noticed he emailed st james cemeterys website asking does anyone know where the Hinrichson family who were all murdered and buried at this cemetery.The street this family lived at was Leveson st later they changed the street name to Grenville st and demolished the house Another made up ghost story in the making? He was never given this information, its because of this idiot that the grave markings of Little Grace have been vandalized and chipped away.

  28. Hi Sophia

    Thanks for commenting with your opinion.
    I can’t see how it is his fault that the grave markings have been vandalised and chipped away. I do lots of photography and I would hate to be accused of causing vandalism simply for taking a photograph of something that inspired me.

  29. Some fabulous work Amanda. You have a great eye.

  30. Thank you Dave. I’m just having a look around your website and it looks very good.

  31. Amazing!!! Like you Amanda I’m a taphophile. People think I’m weird (like I care) I’m doing an exhibition of my work here in the UK in November. I’m also doing a book of my work which should be out next year. Thanks for the inspiration

  32. Thanks for your feedback and good luck with your photography exhibition and book

  33. I wish i found him 20 years ago. I feel i know him through his passion as my facination with the supernatural started when i was young too. I deeply admire him. Thank you.

  34. I have just come across your work and I am absolutely blown away by it! Carry on and on!

  35. I was commissioned by Amanda to score a piece of music to some of her portraits. I glanced through and came across Gardens Of Death, this had an impacted straight away and conjured up all manner of eerie sounds yet with a delicate hint of harmony. The Garden Of Death has a very old feel with a sense of melody but in a death decaying fashion. The image I had was one of death and decay but peace and a constant flow.

    really pleased with the result and would like to thank Amanda for you art and faith.

  36. I’ve seen some good gothic horror movies recently. Two that come to mind are: Voice From The Stone and Crimson Peak. There are also lots on BBC and ITV.

  37. I’ve just looked up Voice from the Stone on Rotten Tomatoes and it sounds good. Thanks for the recommendations Peter 🙂

  38. Meline Chantler

    Hello, I am also entriged to know about the skull and crossbones grave in St Maurice Church Ellingham. We recently scattered my Mother’s ashes there and near the front door is a skull and crossbone headstone of which I took pictures and wondering the significant of who and why?

  39. Hi Meline
    It’s certainly caught your eye for a reason. If the headstone is near the church door, the deceased will more than likely have been wealthy or highly regarded. He/she I presume will also have a strong faith. Ask the friends or vicar of the church if they know who’s buried there and begin your journey of exploration.