Review of The Funhouse 1981

Watching Funhouse was like stepping back in time and remembering what it was like to have a sleepover with your friends while watching a horror movie to scare yourself silly.

The Funhouse 1981

The Funhouse, directed by Tobe Hooper, who I immediately associate with Salem’s Lot, is one of those typical 80’s horror movies about two teenage couples who dare to do something totally stupid, and you know that only one of them will survive.  Yes you guessed it!  They spend the night in a funhouse and once they realise that they’re in danger, they find themselves locked in.

I think I really liked this film due to the memories I have as a teenager watching such movies.  Of course it’s not on a level with the likes of Halloween or The Exorcist, but there’s something amusing about it.  I always find carnivals creepy and you don’t really know what lurks amongst those wagons in the dead of the night.  In fact, I’d love to visit one at night with my camera to catch the creepy atmosphere of it, but I wouldn’t do it alone.  Hell no!

What was even better about this film was the fact that Luke and I had the wonderful and funny company of Mr HorrorExtreme himself, Steve.  He told us such a funny story, that I will remember Funhouse for all the wrong reasons.

It’s worth watching, but don’t expect to be scared and why was that little boy in the movie?

Finally, if any of you have read Richard Laymon’s book titled ‘Funhouse’, the book wins big time and this film isn’t based on the book.

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