Gothic and Horror Photography

If you would like to use Amanda Norman’s Gothic and horror photography on book covers, CD/DVD covers, posters etc.. please get in touch to discuss your requirements as all images are copyrighted. 

Photography Bookings and Events

If you would like to discuss hiring Amanda for event photography, click here to obtain her contact details.

Gothic, Horror and Alternative Portrait Service

Here is your opportunity to have your very own custom poster print from £30.  It’s an absolute bargain and a fun experience for you to pose with or without props.  You will get to see your photograph on the camera to confirm if you’re happy without any obligation to purchase.  I will also ask you what text you would like on the poster or alternatively you can wait to see the proof and then decide.

You are in full control of this service that I offer and you will receive a quality print within 28 days.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or equipment to print your poster at the time of sitting, but your image will be created within a couple of days and sent to you for approval prior to printing via email.

No Hidden Catches

These posters are totally unique and are created by myself who has a passion for photography.  The whole experience from start to finish will be one where you feel in total control.  Further more, the price you see below is the price you will pay.  There are no hidden catches like other photography studios where you end up paying more than you originally thought.

Amanda Norman Poster Prints Event Photography

Click here to view further information.

Portrait Necklace from Amanda Norman Photography

Don’t fancy a poster, what about a portrait necklace instead?

Again there are no hidden fees.  £18 is the cost for the sitting and a portrait necklace from Amanda Norman Photography. 

Amanda Norman Photography Portrait Necklace

Information About Purchasing Amanda Norman Gallery Prints

  • All images can be purchased without copyright and watermark information and will be of gallery standard
  • Images can be purchased via Paypal
  • Images are for personal use only unless otherwise stated
  • If you’ve seen an image not in this gallery and you wish to purchase, please contact Amanda with the name and a link to the image in question
  • Other images can be found at: –
  • Please allow 28 days for delivery of your print

Pricing Information (GBP)

  • 8×10" – £15:00
  • 12×16" – £18:00
  • 20×16" – £26:00

Please add the following package and postage prices to the cost of your print

  • UK – £5:00
  • Worldwide – £10:00

How to Purchase a Gallery Print

  • Email Amanda at the address below

Contact Amanda Norman

  • Include the name of the print you wish to purchase
  • Include the size of the print in question
  • Include the quantity required
  • Include your postal Address
  • Please note that your Email address must be valid


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