Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures

Take your time and immerse yourself in another dimension as you watch Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures. A stunning tribute to the world’s greatest photographer from one of his greatest fans. – AMANDA NORMAN

As many of you will know, my favourite photographer is the late Sir Simon Marsden, who is the worlds greatest photographer of infra-red film creating hauntingly, beautiful images. His obsession for ghosts and to inspire the viewer to not take everything around them at face value will forever live on. 

Simon Marsden - Whitby Abbey

Simon Marsden’s haunting photograph of Whitby Abbey

Simon Marsden will always be a true inspiration for my photography. His vision and experiences haunt my imagination and fuel my desire to capture the unseen fairy tale beauty of death and decay that many don’t see. Simon’s work should never be forgotten and there’s a whole host of new people just waiting to discover a unique perspective that Simon lived and breathed for. 

Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures

Jason Figgis of October Eleven Pictures has written, produced and directed a new film that will be available in Britain this Autumn titled Simon Marsden:  A Life in Pictures

I’ve had the incredible honour of previewing Jason’s film and there are some amazing revelations in this documentary that had my chin on the floor.  I’ve picked it up off the floor now, but if you’re reading this Jason, you’re ONE LUCKY FELLA!

When I wrote a letter to Simon’s agent, I never really expected a response. I was happy knowing that Simon would hear how much I appreciated his work. When he did call me one evening as I walked down a particularly leafy avenue in Dublin, I was thrilled to talk with him for quite a while. We soon hit it off and I volunteered to do some research for him in Ireland, as he was preparing a new book called The Twilight Hour. It wasn’t long before he had invited me to come and visit with him and his family in the Wolds of Lincolnshire and I was thrilled to accept the invitation. We spoke there for hours about plans for our film together – which became The Twilight Hour: Visions of Ireland’s Haunted Past. JASON FIGGIS

If something like this happened to me, I’d probably fall to pieces and no doubt show myself up by stuttering. I remember meeting Caroline Marsden in London and no doubt I acted like an over excited child getting a lollipop when I got my hands on the last signed copy of Simon’s book The Twilight Hour, which I think was fate!

If it wasn’t for Jason Figgis getting to film Simon in Ireland, I might never have come across his amazing work. If you don’t know who Sir Simon Marsden is, please click here to view the trailer for Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures

Life in Pictures

Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures written, produced and directed by the lucky Jason Figgis

Jason’s film, Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures is his tribute to Simon’s amazing work and he took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

Why did YOU make this film and what do you hope to achieve?

I wrote and directed this film about the life and work of the photographer Sir Simon Marsden as a tribute and to draw attention to his extraordinary body of atmospheric work.

What difficulties if any did you experience putting this film together?

The film came about in a very organic way so no real difficulties emerged in the process.

How did you select who would appear in the film?

The real issues were finding the right contributors to give the film a narrative thrust. I wanted an expert in Infrared, a superfan, a colleague, a friend, an owner of one of the buildings Simon photographed and a professional writer/presenter. Finding the right people took about 12 months to bring all of those elements together but I am very happy with how each of these contributors shared commonalities which helped the film flow.

What was your most motivating experience producing this film?

Revisiting Simon’s work and talking to the contributors about their experiences were a great motivation in getting the film made.

Finally, where can people see Simon Marsden: A Life in Pictures?

It will have its premiere in Britain in the early autumn and will go out on the festival trail. It will also be platformed in special one-off screenings around Britain before it goes to DVD and Video on Demand.

If you want to get in touch with Jason Figgis, he can be found on Facebook or Linkedin.

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