Lincolnshire Wold Cottage

Being such a massive fan of the late Sir Simon Marsden, I ventured to his home county of Lincolnshire for some photographic inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed.

I really wish that I could have paid my respects to him in person, but his final resting place isn’t published. Still, as regular readers will know, I will always keep his work alive by regularly blogging about him and his eternal inspiration for mine and other fans photography.  Please visit his personal website by clicking here.

Lincolnshire Wold Holiday Cottage

Being a city girl, the countryside is more of an experience than I thought it would be and I’ve never seen so many pheasants and kestrels in clear view.

Mark found a self-catering cottage on the foothills of the Lincolnshire Wolds for our short stay. It had excellent reviews on Trip Advisor, hence our decision to book Pheasant Cottage owned by Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Barbara who was very welcoming, but I couldn’t help notice the old church and its graveyard that was practically in our back yard. We entered the cottage with Barbara and she pointed out her welcoming gift of Lincolnshire’s speciality, plum bread and two slices of homemade chocolate cake. Well, that was my diet temporarily put on hold, because I ate the lot over the next couple of days as Mark can’t eat anything dairy. It was lovely!

When I asked about the church, Barbara told me that the door remains open at all times. WOW!

Pheasant Cottage Rigsby Lincolnshire

View of Pheasant Cottage in Rigsby

I found that this was the case for most of the churches in the Wolds that we visited.   Please see related links at the bottom of this post to view other photographs.

I ventured over to the church and I heard gun shots in the distance and hoped that a stray bullet wouldn’t come my way. I wasn’t too worried though, because I heard the first one when Barbara greeted us and she didn’t seem alarmed. Again, over the duration of our stay, I realised that you hear these noises all of the time and I should have asked, but I think it’s to scare the birds away from the crops.

St James Church Rigsby

St James Church Rigsby

It soon went dark and when I say dark, I mean pitch black and totally silent apart from the hoots of owls. At first I was a little nervous, especially when I heard something moving in the bushes, but Mark said that it was probably a badger. I never took my eyes away from the direction of the church yard gates as memories of old horror films like the Living Dead started to creep inside my mind. Our second night treated us to a clear sky and so many stars. 

Pheasant Cottage was perfect for our stay and after a day out in the Wolds exploring, it was the perfect retreat to relax in and I highly recommend it. Please click here to visit Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages.

Photographs of St James Church in Rigsby

St James church is stunning and full of history.  The church was erected in 1863 with some of the original Norman church remains included.  For a full history, please visit Rigsby Wold Cottages church page by clicking here.  I loved the beast grotesque on the front of the church and the lovely carved owl grotesque on either side of the doorway.

Rigsby Candle

A lit candle in St James Church in Rigsby

Rigsby St James Window

Stained glass window inside St James Church by Amanda Norman

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